Farouk And Otedola What Have You Not Told Us?


The polity before now has gotten a lot messy judging from the myriads of problems that has beleaguered the nation in the last six weeks some of which include: the spate of bombings by the fundamentalists who have vowed not to lay down their arms, the raids on banks in the western part of the country, the incessant kidnappings in the eastern axis of the country, the dwindling economy despite reassurances from the economic summit group, the scandal in the securities and exchange commission, the Dana airplane  that crashed off iju- ishaga killing all the passengers on board and crew members and also a reasonable number of people on the ground to mention but a few. Little wonder the literary guru, William Shakespeare in his book hamlet said “when sorrow comes they do not come in single spies but in a thousand”

But ever since, the Farouk lawan cum Femi Otedola bribery scandal rented the air, the polity has gotten a lot messier and the face of the country continues to dwindle and wobble in shame while denting its recognition in the international world. Thus, giving the presidency more headaches and scoring her cheap in the fight against corruption and by extension giving the opposition parties, some more space to bastardize the government of the people’s Democratic Party.

Oh ye Farouk and Otedola! What have you not told us? Ever since the messy dealings of this duo came to the knowing of the masses, it has been one rumor to another, it has been one perjury to another. The dramatic cynosure of the dispositions of these partners in crime has gotten every Dick, Tom and Harry befogged about what actually transpired between this two when the scandalous act was carried out.

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Instead of this two influential personalities in the society, one a business mogul and the other a political guru, to come out and tell Nigerians what actually got them into this tight corner in the clearest of conscience and face the wrath of the Law, if their act is proved to be in contraveyance of any, they have choose to play the holier than thou game even when it is clear that there was a criminal act or at least an intention to do same. For crying out wild, how can someone highly placed in the society come out and tell the totality of over 150 million Nigerians that “I just wanted to nail him. Before I offered the alleged sum, I already had talks with the security outfits to let them know of my intended act”. Has he nothing to do in his office that he adverted his mind to this thought? Has he not other business commitments that should have taken a better part of him even though the thought was made during his leisure time? Hello Femi! Nigerians are no fools. Now listen to the response of the political guru…………….”I was going to sell him out to the authorities before I received the money. I had talks with the security outfits to nail him the moment he gives out the money”. The dispositions of these two individuals have left the totality of Nigerians in great awe of their existence. If the members of parliament and the elite class whom we esteem so high could be this irresponsible and untrusted with our mandate which they claim to protect, then let sheep eat shame and men eat dung.

Ever since their nasty dealings came out in the open, I have continued to ask one question. For heaven’s sake who is fooling who? If truly Mr. Farouk lawan was going to sell Mr. Femi to the security outfits for wanting to stain his character that has before now remained polished as a result of his stride in the integrity group that saw Mrs. Patricia Olubunmi Eteh impeached as the speaker of the house of representative, the moment he received the alleged money, he would have rushed to the office of Mr. Ibrahim Lamorde, Lay the complain and tender the exhibit. For only then would he have been a true Mr. Integrity. You must not be a Lawyer to know that delay defeats equity. By the very act of his withholding the sum until the proverbial wind has blown thereby letting open the broods anus is enough to say that he contemplated receiving and withholding the bribe thereby betraying his so called character and making himself a little more richer. From my little knowledge of the LAW that would be enough to land him behind the bars in a credible judiciary.

As for Mr. Otedola, what in God’s name would have made him want to stain the lush character of Mr. Farouk. He is not a member of the house neither is he a politician but on the contrary he is a business wizard being the chief of Zenom oil. What is the string that pulled him so much as to make such mouth watering offer to Mr. Farouk that he couldn’t just resist, if not to get his company’s name removed from the probe being anchored by the latter? And after his victims, farouk and Emenalo received their own moiety, why didn’t he shout to the top of his voice, call the media houses both local and international alike and say “look at your Mr. Integrity, behold he has fallen for my bait”? But rather he forced silence on himself until fate caught up with him. I repeat Nigerians are no fools.

By and large, it has been a cock and a bull story, a replica of what we see in the Nigerian home videos but Mr. Farouk and Otedola forgot theirs was no fiction but reality. Another part of the story that interests me is the part where Mr. otedola had to visit mallam farouk in his office with an audio-wired pen that recorded what really ensued between the duo. Now this makes me want to join forces with the chairman of Zenom oil, but as much as I want to do so, something tells me it’s not enough because a Man would go at any length just to do a bizarre act.

Oh ye farouk and otedola! Nigerians are asking questions that are begging for answers. Enough has been said but a lot more hasn’t been said and our ears are to the ground to hear them. Whatever happens to be the case at the end of the investigations, if at all anything like that is going on we want the guilty party nailed and if they happen to be partners in crime, we demand that justice be served on a golden plaque. Nigerians have had enough and the face of the nation has been battered enough as a result of misguided political bigwigs who put their selfish interest before National growth. We want justice and nothing but Justice in the real sense of it.


  1. Dey are both thieves,dey shld be put behind d bar irrespective of dier
    Ground in d country cos if nigeria keeps overlooking n pushing such
    Cases aside base on sentiments,we won’t move forward. N pls why
    Can’t we be true in our judgments,let’s face it dese pple Α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥… Criminals
    N dey shld both b dealt wiv


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