LG Launches Battery Powered TV In Nigeria

Tapping into the problem of perennial power outage in Nigeria, LG Electronics chose to introduce the world’s first battery LED TV into the Nigerian market.
The novel LG LED TV called LG 32LS3800 Battery LED TV, though operates on electricity has a long lasting battery that ensures TV viewing is not unnecessarily interrupted when in it is use.

The TV is portable and easy to carry which makes it convenient for it to be moved from one place to the other it also have the in-built surge protector for long lasting durability and better performance against Power surge; the battery which comes in handy during power outages has a long battery life as it can last the duration of a football match.

The General Manager, Home Entertainment Division, LG Electronics, Mr. Dave Shin said that the LG Battery TV has come to end the embarrassment faced by Nigerian TV viewers


  1. Gud job as i hav been expectin china to introduce this initiativ into all eletronic even in dvd machines nd cars even so that the wory from nepa nd crude oil will get behind us


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