[Video] Minister Sacked After Her Private Video Appears on You Tube

Bolanos: In her “Public” and “Private” looks!

Costa Rica’s Deputy Minister for Youth, Karina Bolanos, has been fired after a 56-second video of her lying on a bed in her underwear was posted on the internet. In the video, Bolanos was shown pointing at her breasts and inviting a man she refers to as ‘little one’ to join her.

The video which was ploaded onto YouTube over the weekend, quickly went viral, having been viewed by over one million people.

In her story, the fired lawmaker told CNN that the video was made years ago and was put onto the Internet by a computer engineer who stole it and was trying to extort money from her.

The incident has been described as an embarrassment to Costa Rican President, Laura Chinchilla, whose Cabinet, it was said, has suffered a string of resignations since she took power two years ago. Costa Rica’s Ministry of Culture and Youth has since released a statement which says that the video and other related legal issues have made Bolanos’ position untenable.