PHOTOS: Obama’s Half-Brother Lives In A Kenyan Slum

As a tall, strangely familiar figure leaves his one-room shack in a notorious African slum this week, a few people jokingly call out to him: ‘Mister President! Mister President!’ Heading for breakfast through his junk-strewn yard, stepping over streams of sewage, the appearance of this slim, angular man prompts giggles and pointing from children in rags playing in the muck.

The man’s name is George Hussein Obama and his half-brother is Barack Hussein Obama, Kenya’s most famous son, the first black President of the U.S. and the most powerful man in the world.
 The two men may share the same father, but while Barack Obama was born in Hawaii to his father’s American second wife, George — born in Kenya — was the product of Obama Senior’s fourth marriage.
Today, while Barack entertains at the White House, flies aboard Air Force One and is a friend of film stars and royalty, George, 30, is to be found slumped in his corrugated iron shack which even fellow slum-dwellers regard as a hovel.
Details of his unorthodox lifestyle emerged with news that he has agreed to appear in a documentary film being made by one of Barack Obama’s most trenchant critics.
Called 2016, and directed by the production team behind Schindler’s List, the film sets out the supposed horrors of another four years of Obama in office — though George does not criticise the President on screen.
 It is the idea of U.S. author Dinesh D’Souza, whose book The Roots Of Obama’s Rage paints a deeply unflattering portrait of the ‘narcissistic’ President. George has also written a memoir, called Homeland.
 Published in 2012, it details how he turned his back on a middle-class Kenyan upbringing to live among the desperately poor in Nairobi’s infamous slums. The book’s precis tell us: ‘George chooses to live in the Nairobi ghetto, where he works to help the ghetto-dwellers, and especially the slum kids, overcome the challenges surrounding their lives.’
And the book quotes George thus: ‘My brother has risen to be the leader of the most powerful country in the world.
 Here in Kenya, my aim is to be a leader among the poorest people on Earth: those who live in the slums.’
In what sounds like the script for a Hollywood film, he claims to have been the driving force behind the transformation of a slum football team into one of the top sides in Kenya, known as ‘Obama’s champs’


  1. This story of Obama’s half brother made me to have a reflection of Moses life in the bible,who chose to be illtreated with God’s people than to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter.In the world today,the trait of identifying ourself with the famous people,top people of the world is flowing in the vains of the failing human blood.Blessed are those who choose to go with the people of low estate for they shall be rewarded.The Lord Jesus was such a pattern as well,who was born in a lowly condition,He identify Himself with those who were not well-born.This is the way the Lord Jesus took,He never went on the lofty side of the world.

  2. Anyway,is good for george obama but not still bad if he associates himself with his brother and dat has not stop him from helping those he inteded to help.the question is,did his brother denied him or he chose to live dat way? In a nutshell,it is only God sent that help ones in life.

  3. D tales of two brothers.D senior Obama must be good-natured to ve produced two lovely sons touching lives in different but positive ways.Its obvious d president didn’t deny George d affluence due to him,but d kindhearted George decides to do things in his ways.