President Goodluck Jonathan Wants 5 Gold Medals in 2016 Olympics – Sports Minister

Information emerging from the Minister of Sports and Chairman, National Sports Commission, Bolaji Abdullahi, has revealed that President Goodluck Jonathan is targeting five gold medals from the next Olympics which will be holding in Rio, Brazil, in 2016.

A lot of Nigerians have condemned the country’s performance at the just concluded London 2012 Olympics in which the country could not win a single medal. This speaks volumes about the state of the country’s sport ministry. The lackadaisical attitude to preparation for the Olympics by Nigeria has gotten us to where we are today as far as the Olympics is concerned.

It is against this background that the honorable sports minister has informed in an interview aired on Channels Television on Wednesday that President Goodluck Jonathan wants an early preparation for the next Games and expects no fewer than five gold medals. According to him, “Mr. President believes if we start to work now we can win five gold medals in Rio in 2016. If we start to work towards that target, we may or may not meet it, but we must begin now to work towards it and believe it is possible.”

Talk about foresight and preparation. The president really means business this time around. Come 2016, President Goodluck Jonathan will be celebrating at least five gold medals by the country. Although one wonders if the just concluded Olympics just came upon us suddenly without time to even think of preparation. Well, nothing is impossible; so, come 2016 Nigeria might just be going home with even more than five gold medals. As some Nigerians are already joking, we don’t need adequate preparation; all we need is “Patience” and “Goodluck”!


  1. This is rubbish is he trying to tell us he will still be president by then?? I tell you the truth Nigeria will fight another civil war if that man does not go by 2015!!! There will be deaths and killings like never before!! I will advise him if he doesn’t want to die with his family and generations like a chicken he should vacate that seat by 2015 afterall the only things we have seen in his government is death, destruction,killing, corruption,greed,wickedness,lies and looting!!

  2. D laf bustin ma ribzz is uncontrollable. C me c prep…so my presido no sabi say prep b d only way to win medals?d 2.6B dem say dem budget for 2012 olympics, where d money go? He is expetin to celebrate at least 5 medals in 2016…who told him he will be there?or have they done the elections already without Nigerians knowin? Nonesense…

  3. Why are you guys ranting? Even if GEJ isn’t going to still be in power by then, it is not wrong 4 him to lay a good foundation for the 2016 Olympics while he’s still in power. The next presidential election is in 2015 while d next Olympics is in 2016. Now tell me, assuming a new president emerges in d election, is it only 1 year that he will use to achieve a better outing at d Olympics d next year? Can’t you see that it won’t work? The new president would definitely need a good foundation to build on. You guys should just try to reason well, and stop allowing the Jonathan-hatred to bling you guys.

  4. Penuella abi na penisnuella be your name you be fool bkoz na pipo like una no gree naija beta. No be 2.6billion den buget for this olypia? Whish medalion we see? If your eye de open you for know say very soon na 10billion him go budget, wetin you don get since him enta power? No b so so unemployment,hunger,wrong dicisions,boko killings,fraud etc? If you kno get beta tin to tok com my house make I fuck you til your yash tear bcos I know say na ashawo you be