Prophet Who Allegedly Specializes In Annointing Private Parts Of Women Arrested

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A 24-year old lady, Cynthia Nwanguma who was placed on a secrecy oath by a Lagos based self-styled prophet, Dennis Mmadu, not to disclose her ordeal to anyone or else she would die, has damned the consequences and recounted her ordeal in the hands of the fake prophet; because that’s what he is.

Cynthia alleged that Mmadu had unihibited sexual intercourse with her for seven days; pretending to be anointing her breasts and private part with oil. She added that the prophet also claimed they were having ‘holy’ sex while he engaged in unprotected sex with her whenever he felt like throughout the period. The sex was allegedly to ‘deliver’ Cynthia Nwanguma, a student nurse from barreness. She also claimed to have been defrauded by the prophet to the tune of N21,800.

35-year-old Prophet Mmadu, is now cooling his heels at Kirikiri Prison on the order of an Ejigbo Magistrateís Court where he is facing a four-count charge of obtaining money under false pretence, stealing and threat to life.

Mmadu from Imo State, met Cynthia at Igando, off LASU-Isheri road, Lagos, and he took her in his car marked TU 806 AAA to his house at 26, Oseni Street, New Oko-Oba, near Agege.
She said during one of their sex session Prophet Mmadu prophesied told her that she had a strange illness in her stomach that would make her barren throughout her life time.

She said he told her that she was lucky to have met him and promised to offer her spiritual healing so that she will not have problem looking for the fruit of the womb when she got married.
She said he showed her some women and men as those who have benefited from his spiritual powers. But she later discovered they were his accomplices. She said she was still in shock over what happened because she did not know what came over her.

She later discovered that she has been duped. After regaining herself, Cynthia demanded her money from Prophet Mmadu but he ignored her. She thus reported the incident to Igando police division.
Prophet Mmadu was subsequently arrested and interrogated. He was charged to court for fraud, stealing and assault.
The offence, the police said is contrary to Sections 36, 44, 312 and 409 of the Criminal code Laws of Lagos State of Nigeria, 2011. He pleaded not guilty. The presiding Magistrate, Mrs. M. B. Folami granted him bail in the sum of N50,000 with one surety in like sum.
The matter has been adjourned to 16 September, 2012 for further hearing. The prophet was however remanded in prison custody pending when he will meet the bail conditions.

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  1. I hv been tellin u guys 2 bware of ibo pastors they ar all criminals who go 2 any length 2 extort money frm followers…….must smdy pray 4 u,dnt u hav mouth 2 talk 2 ur God nd ask him wot u need?church goers shine ur eyes all pastors ar thiefs,419,mastermind there kidnap 4 chuch members 2 cme nd pay d ransom…..

    • Are you angry that my people have gotten into the bandwagon of the fastest growing business in Nigeria, 418 “obtaining by religious manipulation” which has being the prerogative of your people. Don’t worry we will soon fill the skies with private jets owned by Igbo pastors. That lady deserves what she got. When you start calling human being a man of God and give him physical and spiritual authority over your life, there is no limit to how much he would manipulate you

    • Destiny be careful before you incur the wrath of God upon urself. The fact that one man is a fake pastor doesnt mean u ll open ur basket-like mouth to abuse all men of God.

  2. To DESTINY: a fool is known for his foolery. Your write up attacking the entire lgbo nation because of the offence of one individual signposts your level of stupidity and animalism.

  3. Imagine som1 calin hmslf a prpht and engaged in komitin such atrocities wit the name of spirituality. All prophts of nwadays ar fake prophts. Beta retink and stand strng and als pray to god coz surely he wil ans u. Thnks b 2 ALLAH dat made me 2 blive dat prpht muhammad is d seal of d prophts, no any persn can dciv me wit d name propht.

    • Abdul you speak like a true bokoharam. You re here praising Moh’d as if he didnt do worse than what d fake prophets of this days do. How many teenagers did he disvirgined and how many wives had he. Stupid fellow that u moslems worship.

  4. Pls magistrate court judge sentence this animal as the law states immediately,there’s no need for further adjoining anymore.And pls revoke his bail with immediate effect before he runs away.

  5. @ destiny i will advice you to shut up ur mouth, u dnt have any ryt to insult any pastor or so ever bcos u are not the one who called them @abdul, it looks like u dont knw who this so called prophet mohammed is, he was a war lord, rapist killer and u can imagine all kind of atrocities he commited, let me tell u how he started all this his prophecise a demon appeared to him in a cave and told him all sort of lies about what i dnt knw and that is hw he came abt allah which does not even exist like my God jehovah , but a mere demon disguising itsef as a god.

  6. prophet is nt a name but an act pls nt everybody dat cal himself a prophet is a prophet he can nt b cal a prophet unles he conduct himself as a prophet pls tak note. likwise 2 pastor & christainity. dat man is aharbalis on wirt garmet or on suit.

  7. Christianity is a fake religion… You people are only deceiving ur selves … Church is a business that’s y they keep telling you lies in the churches abt Islam… That’s what they do even in the Vatican … All the priests r perverts … Most of them homosexuals abusing small children… May Allah protect us.. Ameen..

    • Sageer if u call xtianity bad, i wonder wht u ll call ur blood sucking religion. U bokoharam bastards. What about ur so called prophet mohd who was a terrible womaniser?

  8. At what point do you start wondering why people do stupid stuff like this lady?
    Where her brain?
    I don’t even feel sorry for her at all, because this story makes me believe she is either telling lies, or she did something so STUPID, it is not even funny.,
    There are crooks and deceivers everywhere, and Nigeria has her own Lion shares, but I cannot imagine a 24 year old woman handing her money over to a STRANGER who picked her up on the streets and promised to have unprotected sex with her for 7 days, inorder to heal her of an illness she does not have.
    How many women out there would consent to this NONESENSE?
    Things have gotten so desperate in Nigeria that an average Joe claims to be JESUS CHRIST, and people would believe him, and do what he wants?

  9. @ Abdul and Sageer Christians are real to compare to you guys. We are transparent that’s why our religion is real. @ Destiny your comment lack maturity. Grow up mommy’s pet. I could tell you one thousand and one things you guys have done currently.

  10. @truth,u re stupid for yr statement,it yr type dat dies horrible death becos of yr ignorance,i forsee u diein a painful death

  11. Heh! What is wrong wth u guys. Tel me, is it ever1 dat calls himself a chritain or muslim, is a christain or muslim? Whoeva dat claims dat he is a christain must imitate d life of Jesus christ! Dat’s d meanin of christainity. The @Destiny n d like, don’t qaulify d act of one person to others,he sins so only him shall die!. Above all, christainity is real even your leaders knws bt b/c the truth(Holy spirit) is nt in them, they find it difficult to xpres(i just say d truth). I pray dat God should continue 2 open ur eyes 2 see the true religion.”For God so loved the world….”. John 3:16 lv u all.

  12. This is nt d rite place to insult or quarel wit anybody!!!Wat u pple fail to realise is dat no religion is bad bt its practitioners!!!! Pple dcive pple nd everybody blames it on which eva religion such a person practices!!! Nobody shud blame dat lady cos we’re al fallible she was charmed and it cud hapun to anybody!!!!!?

  13. Destiny, u are mad for insulting Igbos. I discoverd dat ur mother used an abortion pill to remove an unwanted being like u in her stomach when she was raped by a mad man but d drug failed. No wonder ur thinking is so myopic bcos of adverse effect of d abortion pill caused in development of ur brain & insanity generation.

  14. There’re things I like here, Destiny’s Mother was laid by a mad man….hahahaha, and 2. Islam is A JOKE!!!!….lol. I guess mohammed is a joke huh???

  15. Hahaha! The devil just sit and watCh! You guys are just deceiving ur self.. I don’t believe anything only myself.. Religion sucks!

  16. I don’t think such ignorant comments like the one someone posted calling himself “The truth”should be posted in the first place.calling prophet Muhd AS a demon is a highly provocative!people like him don’t want peace to reign.nobody insulted ur prophet or god.Abdul just stated his u should either do same or shut ur mouth no religion allows u to abuse or disrespect d leaders.

  17. Christianity is real. Real thing must hav fake dat’s why sm pple hide under christianity to do evil,for dat God exposes them…Stop insulting sm1’s religion pls.

  18. You people are not serious, dont you that your agguiment on religious is a sin to God. Either you are a muslim nor christian, just have it in mind that we are going to thesame place, neither heaven or hell. So stop insulting yourself all the name religion, it means that non of you dont know whom you are serving, just seek for forgiveness


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