Pakistani Government Disowns $100,000 Bounty on Anti-Islam Film Maker

The Pakistani government has released a statement saying an offer by one of its ministers’ of $100,000 for anyone who kills the maker of an anti-Islam film does not represent official policy.


A Pakistani foreign office statement today distanced the government from the reward announcement by Railways Minister Gulam Ahmad Bilour made on Saturday.

Bilour said he would pay the money from his own pocket, and so his offer still remains.

What does anyone gain from killing a misguided man? Well…maybe $100,000.


  1. Olofofo,u said islam is a religion of peace,we know that one its a big satanic lie,see a minister offering huge amout of money for killing some one,a shame on the religion and a shame for everybody,As the saying goes,all terrorists are muslims but only few muslims are not,this action has made islam being hated the more.

  2. learn how to spell and punctuate. You are illiterate morons. Islam is centuries ahead in knowledge from the quran. Scientists use the information in the quran to verify there theories in physics biology and chemistry. Learn the facts before you try to demean other religions.