Photo: 4 Muslim Women Pose For A Photo. What is wrong?

Obviously the idea of a picture is to capture the moment and the faces of the people involved in that moment. What is really wrong with these photo then?


  1. Well there is nothing wrong with the picture nor the dressing. They simply dressed base on their cultural inclination and belief and I think the earlier we begin to respect other people’s cultural practices the sooner the world will become a better place for us all.

  2. In respond to some ignorant once: first let me start by saying no religion in it reality will encorage nudity. Muhammed ali the popular legend boxer says and I qoute: the most valuable treasures like diamond, gold, crude oil e.t.c is buried far far beneath the earth by their creator. The similitude also is a valuable woman also should be coverd. If u look at those pix u ‘ll agree with me that those are very hot even though they are covered. Imagin if they were exposed like the hoars on the street who claimed to be social. This humble ladies are covered and they have their source of authority. Those who live their body almost naked, what is their own source of authority?

  3. Well I didn’t see anything wrong with it. Because the aim of snapping any picture is to share a certain memory and it is not depeated here. If you think they have to share the memory with others, you got to have a second thought. What baffles me the most, is the way people comment here, they don’t seem to know what freedom of life and expression is all about. Why do you think that someone should abondon his way of living just to suite or perfeception? They were only excercising their religion, or can anyone here tell me that, Christianity ask women to go nude? Please just drop sentiment and view things the way they are.

  4. If you call yourself Christian then you should also know that the Bible condem iresponsible our Churches today is come as you are,ladies wear low waist jean to church without closing their hair.Am a Christian but I admire the way muslim ladies dress,It doesn’t make them holy but is good to express respect for one’s believe.We Christians are getting it all wrong.

  5. Muslim men claim they value their women. Yet they treat them anyhow, kill them or beat them for the slightest offence, then marry as many as they like becz their prophet told them it is their right. If u love ur woman, will u hurt her by marrying another woman simply becoz ‘it is ur right’ ? Muslim men hate to see their women truly happy.

  6. Hypocrites, these muslims! Photo/passport is not a muslim thing. It started in Britain and then America, so they have no business snapping passports. They are all prostitutes but when they cover themselves, you will not suspect them.

  7. I dont think any 1 can identify who this 4 ladis only them self knew there self but we can only see peace symbol but the hiden face dosen’t seems peacefully proving scares , please show your face let see the beauty and work of God in your body , ! abi kini mowi ?.

  8. Nofin is wrong with the picture. They took picture to be shown to dem selves ₪ to other people dt knows dem ₪ understand there doctrine ₪ way of life, ₪ nt 4 u to discuss abt.
    Ma advice to people lik Ify Don kuti, victor abuah, Eko Bayowale ₪ other fools lik dem, u all need to learn to live in †ђξ midst of human being, embrace other ₪ stop acting idiot!!!!!!!!!! Reply if u can!!!!!!