My pastor husband watches p****graphy – Wife Tells Court

A Pastor’s wife, Blessing has dragged her husband to an Agege Grade A Customary Court in Lagos, seeking for a divorce. According to Blessing, her husband, Victor Odafe, always threatened her with physical injuries whenever they had misunderstanding.

Blessing also told the court that she lost interest in the relationship when she found that her husband was irresponsible and also lacked care for her and their children. She added that Victor once alleged that she was responsible for his dwindling fortune. Blessing also claimed that the husband used to call her unprintable names including being a prostitute, adding that when she gave birth to their second child, he denied the paternity mainly because the baby was black in complexion while they (the parents ) are fair.

The mother of two, who is a drug and cosmetic marketer, also alleged that Victor was fond of watching pornographic movies whenever he felt like masturbating. According to her, “l always warned him to stop the bad habit, because it doesn’t portray him in good light as a minister of God”. She then urged the court to dissolve the marriage and grant her custody of the children.

On his own part, Victor, who claims to be a pastor at Empowerment Church Oregun, Lagos, denied the allegations. According to him, he gave Blessing some money to join him in the church, only to return and discovered that she had gone with the children. He says, “I was amazed. I had to call my boss to intervene and he did, but Blessing proved stubborn.”


  1. The woman is a goat,even reading this alone u will know there is a bit of lies in it.She doesn’t have love for the husband again cuz he is broke instead of her to keep the gutter she called mouth,she decided to open it for us to perceive d nonsense coming out of it?That d man masterbate,is because she forgot her conjugal right,she must be ashamed of herelf to say that in public.What were u doing when ur husband was busy masterbating,when u can’t give ur body to him,what else do u expect him to do knowing he is a pastor,u want him to womanise?u re indeed a useless woman.Masterbation is never a sin,is a habit even pastor chris preached about it the other day.So woman u re a total disgrace to us women,even if don’t love ur husband,even if u want to divorce him,is not enough reason for u to expose his secret.Were u not in love with him before u married him,nonsense woman.U re not fit to be called wife.

  2. @Baby. I think u’re very correct. Don’t mind the non-entity that calls herself wife. Devil is using so many pastor’s wife to attack them. But my prayer for these pastors is that God is strongly with them; they should be very strong in the Lord. In the bible, we saw how d devil was using Job’s wife to tempt Job to sin against the Almighty God. Let’s pray for these pastors cos devil is really fighting them thru their useless wives.

  3. weked woman u dont alow ur husband to sleep with secondly may be he dost bring money as expected see ur seif u ar just useles wife change so that u wil not be cast into hell be cuse god is there seen everthing

  4. This couple ar not compatible, they do not understand each other at all. The man is busy accusing his wife and same to the wife. But if u take look at this case with wisdom u will observe that the woman is just not too good to be a wife, she cheats on the husband and now she is seeking for divorce to enable her play around well. God help them to reunite again.


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