Saudi King has been Clinically Dead for Two Days

Saudi Arabia King, Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, has reportedly been in a state of “clinical death” for the past two days, Arabic newspaper, Asharq Alawsat, said on Monday.

The paper’s report claimed that medical staff in Saudi Arabia had confirmed that the king’s basic organs were no longer working. According to their source, “the fate of the king will be determined within three to four days.”

However, this news contradicts reports from the Saudi Royal Court, which publicly announced that an 11-hour operation on the king had been a success. According to state news agency, SPA, the 89-year-old monarch was in hospital for surgery to tighten a ligament in his back.

Meanwhile, Saudi crown prince, Salman has reassured the people during a cabinet meeting on Monday about King Abdullah’s health, more than a week after the surgery, state news agency SPA reported. The king was admitted for surgery on November 16 and an announcement from the Royal Court said he had undergone a successful back operation that took 11 hours.

Abdullah, who took over power in 2005, named his brother, Prince Salman, heir apparent in June, after the death of Crown Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz.

Source: Tribune