Terry G Declared Wanted By Nigeria Police

Contoversial singer cum producer, Gabriel Amanyi popularly known as Terry G, has been declared wanted by the Nigeria Police in relation to a hit-and-run incident in Ikeja Lagos, last Friday.

According to reports, Terry G had gone clubbing on Oba Akran Road, Ikeja penultimate Friday with friends when the incident happened.

Eye-witness reports that as Terry G was leaving the premises of the club at the dead of night, he recklessly drove out on high speed without looking and in the process crushed the legs of a funseeker who was identified as Moshood Azeez.

The victim who is a regular caller at the Computer Village Market, Ikeja was rushed to the General Hospital, Ikeja by good samaritans for medical attention.

The matter was later reported at the MAN Centre Police Station, Wemabod Estate, Ikeja.

Ngozi Braide, Lagos State PPRO who confirmed the incident, said the police will do everything within its power to arrest the singer whose wife just recently put to bed a baby boy.


  1. Una dey here de ask terry g y y. Una no ask hu come tell de story, and de person wey carry dey guy go hospital hw him take no say na terry g bin him de guy. And dat guy wey be funseeker wetin him bin do outside wen him mate de drive go club. Una jst dey here de hear face news de ask terry g y y y. Terry g if ur enemies dey road hit dem jor

  2. @Samuel ndedu.ur comment shows u are a stark illiterate and very stupid one at dat. If you have lost someone u love through a reckless driver then u would know dat terry g or whatever his name is, needs to go to jail. Thank God the man did not die.

  3. De guy is on point..mad man never cease to do mad things…he’ve got de bucks he can buy his freedom anyway..life goes on

  4. Ur supose to b In OGONI LAND 4 SHOOT OUT bt b,cuz of ur nonsense lyf u hv bin band onlez u apologize to d patient ,madman neva stp to do mad finz

  5. U guys are bunch of dick heads … Can anyone prove that Terry G was da one who hit da guy besides being at da club and da guy’s words? Anybody could pick on any artist and accuse them falsely .. Stop chatting shit and stop hating … Haterz will never reach da top …

  6. Haba terry g this is no what you surpport to do, before you are very poor, now God bright your time, then got the uportunity to be killing people. remember the law of our country do not allowed that so you must be kill if you are cut by the police. to die is compulsory. so you must die.

  7. Terry g no mata say u get money or u de sing make u knw say we all na homan being just cheek am na if na u get d pikin hw u go feel? so something weh dey go do u, u no go like am make u no do am to another person. So terry g go back cos dey will nt kil cos d police are d devil dem selves so no fiar my broda even 4 gvt house people weh de kill dier own broda dem dey dey never do dem anything

  8. jst go meet d police mak dem know hw to settle d mata wey dey for ground coz u re too big to start running over diz .treat and compasset d pesin, bt no driv dt kind tin again diz na warning..police mak una no vez na jonsing …

  9. Y is it dat devil is always at work,yrs ago dey kill our best rapper,and nw them dey try our guy wey dey give us d swag and jinja,na God go punish ur enemies wey dey try u.bad belle make una knw say terry g motor no get brake oh oh oh oh………….take heed.praaaaa

  10. Is jst an aligetion…..how did d guy knew it ws Terry G dat knock him down….fr u haters d kp posting shit…asked ur selves is Terry g poputar or nt? There ‘s no way he won’t hite some one n drove off whtout showing love…let d police prove investigate n let his acuser prove their case dat it’s Terry G…first since d guy as denied d aligetion…fr i doubt it’s Terry G…is jst haters trying to bring d guy down..as fr d police if d decear Terry G wantd fr hite n run stuff dats shows how weak n poor d are in their job…who is Terry G dat d cnt reach at any point in tym? In an accident case no b criminal oh….abeg gi free my guy.


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