“Forgive Me For The Sake Of Christ” – Former RCCG Pastor, Bankole Solomon, Apologises To Adeboye

GEJnADEBOYEBankole Solomon, the man who claimed to have been a pastor at the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG and expressed displeasure at what he called ‘turning our once sacred altar to political podium’, following the unannounced appearance at the church’s annual Holy Ghost Congress by President Goodluck Jonathan, last week, has tendered a public apology over his outbursts.


“I have to break my silence again to apologise to those that feel offended about my posting on our dear church. I thanked our AG0 dat counselled me.

“Am so sorry for any pains.To u there, am sorry, church was not my target but corruption & injustice in our society.


“To my mother, am sorry, to our daddy AGO, am sorry & to my daddy G.O. am deeply sorry, THANKS,” he wrote on his Facebook wall.



  1. Yes he shold apologise. Bankole as a Pastor shold have known that anybody can come for d holy ghost congress. President or pauper. God loves all and wants all to come to hiim
    His outburst was not becoming of a man of God. Jesus met wit all even tax collectors. D most hated individuals
    Of that time. He (Bankole) has no right to judge their (the politicians) motives. Whatever it was, it’s betwwen dem and God. So d apology is in order.

  2. Next time think before you talk. As a pastor, your comment can lead ignoramus to hell. All we need is to pray for our leaders both spiritual and secular to lead us in line with God’s will. When you declared that will be your last at the camp, you denied God in your life, therefore, seek God also for forgiveness. Thanks

  3. Well Just seeing this for the 1st time. I Hope You will take a cue and don’t repeat it again. Any body is welcomed To our programs. It is meeting place with GOD.

  4. This repentance and request for forgiveness if genuine is in order, but the negative outburst against the man of God can never go without a rod on the backside of the offender. Yes you are free to make a decision or a comment or express your opinion but the consequences of the comment you definitely dont have power over. “Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm”- says the word.

  5. What is this rubbish? you have all substituted your local village religions for christianity and hence made gods of men. if the man choose to apologise is his prerogative but what’s this nonsense about touch not my anointed? Please read the Bible carefully and you’ll quickly see that it doesn’t apply. I’m only hoping you know how to rightly divide the word of truth.


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