Insecurity: Christians in the North Set to Celebrate Christmas Indoors

newboko-haram-sectFor the Christians in some parts of the North, they may be having the forthcoming Christmas and New Year celebrations indoors, in view of the persistent security challenges facing in the region. The police have, however, banned the use of knock-outs during the celebrations to avoid breakdown of law and order during the Yuletide.

According to the Tribune, a source who preferred anonymity has revealed that Christian leaders in states, like Kano, Bauchi, Plateau, Yobe, Borno and others, had advised their fellow brothers and sisters to celebrate indoors, so as to prevent unscrupulous people from using the festive period to foment trouble.

It has also been hinted by the source that people, who had formed the habit of celebrating at drinking joints and relaxation centers, should be wary of the happenings in the region; he also urged them to be moderate while celebrating.

“Nobody can say what is going to happen precisely, but recent happenings and our past experiences have taught us that Islamic fundamentalists, otherwise known as Boko Haram, may attack Christians during the festive period… This is why we are urging our brothers and sisters not to allow the Christmas and New Year celebrations to carry them away. While celebrating, it is important they watch their backs, and be careful about what they do during the period,” the source noted.

Source: Tribune

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