NECO Introduces Customized Answer Scripts to Curb Examination Malpractices

The chances of committing examination malpractices will further be reduced as the registrar of the National Examinations Council (NECO), Prof Promise Okplala, has made it known the Council has introduced the use of customised answer scripts for its examinations.

The NECO boss told reporters on Tuesday, in Abuja that the customised answer scripts would tackle the challenge of hoarding of remnants of answer scripts by invigilators. He said such “left over scripts’’ are then sold by the supervisors to fraudsters who engaged in various forms of examination malpractice.

According to him, “The Nigeria of those days is not possible in 2012. They (Examination fraudsters) have so many ways of cheating and we, on our part are always coming out with ways to counter them… These customised scripts appear alike, but every paper has a unique secret code. So if you use the answer script for English Language, for instance, to answer Biology, we will fish you out,” he said.

Okplala also explained that the secret code was only known to three people and would only be revealed to the invigilator an hour before the examination. “So we want to let the public know, especially those that are engaged in examination malpractice, do not bother to write outside the hall because your script will be fished out.”