Nun To Convert To Islam To Marry Man She Accused Of Molesting Her

A Nun

A nun who accused a man of rape and then confessed to having consensual sex with him shocked a Dubai court on Wednesday by agreeing to marry him and change her religion.

The European woman was granted bail on Wednesday after her lawyer confirmed that she and the man she accused of rape would soon wed. And she will have to embrace Islam to marry him. In similar cases, the court usually decides to award a suspended jail term to parties involved.

The 30-year-old nun who had been on holiday with friends when she met the 40-year-old Iranian had accused the man of raping her after a desert safari trip.

But she later admitted before the Dubai Misdemeanour Court that they had consensual sex. “I asked the court to grant my client an adjournment to be able to finalise the marriage procedures. She decided to convert to Islam. We are seeking a lenient punishment or a suspended imprisonment as soon as we provide the court with the marriage contract,” the lawyer told Presiding Judge Ehad Ahmad on Wednesday.

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A source revealed that the nun had been visiting Dubai with friends when she got involved with the man.

At the beginning of Wednesday’s hearing, the lawyer asked Judge Ahmad to grant him time to prepare his defence and submit the marriage contract.

But the judge told the lawyer to read the file and present his argument and not to delay the case unnecessarily.

The lawyer said: “The woman agreed to convert to Islam and they will be getting married soon. As per the Penal Code, we ask the court to acquit the defendants of having consensual s*x or grant them leniency and suspend their imprisonment.”

The lawyer requested bail for the nun who said she spent 17 days in provisional detention.
“The court will grant bail to the lady after she deposits her passport in custody or a bailer’s passport. The bailer will be fined Dh5,000(N213,653) in case she fails to carry out any law enforcement procedure,” said presiding judge Ahmad.

A verdict is expected on Sunday.

The lady who was holidaying in Dubai with a group of friends told police that the Iranian man raped her in his home. The Iranian was apprehended in Ras Al Khaimah within 48 hours, but when questioned by the police, he said they had consensual s*x.

“During prosecution questioning, the lady admitted that when the Iranian kissed her neck, she felt embarrassed and interacted with him. She admitted that they had consensual s*x and that she couldn’t refuse him because of shyness,” a prosecution source told reporters.

The European independently faces the charge of falsely reporting to police that she was raped.


  1. i cant imagin such a Nun having sex and also getting married to d sex partner and also changing her religon to islam oh! Wat is dis world turning into thank God such wont happen in africa

  2. Its in Nigeria people lie and won’t ever regret it. D nun @ last find d right path, I hope she takes her time 2 understand Islam as it is and not jump to sentimental conclusions like Nigerian Christians.

  3. Watz Abiola saying? Don’t ever try 2 bring christians into dis. Every1 has d right 4 choice of religion. As for her, she jxt chosed her destiny. Don’t ever try 2 compromise that.

  4. WaT a nice idea,,, I wonder where theY goT †ђξ idea of noT getting married or total abstinence from sex. It was neva the practice of the propheTs oF GoD….

  5. FunnY u @Abiola,,, ifeanYi go sparK on u oooo… Jews – ChristianitY – Islam. DifferenT era, and those of thaT periodS are to folloW the religion oF his own GeneratIoN….

  6. ISLAM: ThE religion of our own generation___meaning everY persons born during dis Era were given the Application to be a Muslim excepT for one who reject such offer… FunnY to rejecT paradise

  7. Its in Nigeria that we are religious but little or no faith at all, except on lie and dogmatism, seek the truth and u shall know the truth, so d Nun has seen the truth & d straight path, may GOG ALMIGHTY forgive her and let her maintain the truth.

  8. Its in Nigeria that we are religious but little or no faith at all, except on lie and dogmatism, seek the truth and u shall know the truth, so d Nun has seen the truth & d straight path, may GOD ALMIGHTY forgive her and let her maintain the truth.

  9. It’s funny right? Remember the Bible says,the perilous time shall come that many will become lovers of self,material things & d pleasures of this world in quot than lovers of God.
    It is better to marry than to burn,you cannot pretend,for how long,the real you must come out some there.

  10. She was neither born again nor had a personal conviction of becoming a nun.It’s not about her fall,it’s about her not knowing what she represents.


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