For Men: Shirts, Shirts, Shirts… Sport Shirts

oxford shirt

We’ve been talking about pants and shoes, and I believe you’ve got those nice pants and fab shoes we talked about. While you’ve done your part, I shouldn’t leave you in the dark on shirts. No matter how great-looking your shoes and pants are, a bad shirt mars it all.

Let’s talk about the sport shirt. A sport shirt is any kind of long or short-sleeve woven shirt with buttons that isn’t a dress shirt – it can be a linen shirt, or a cotton oxford. A lot of people mistaken cotton oxford shirts and long woven button-down shirts for dress shirts, but please note that they are not the same.

Dress shirts are/should be more tailored so that they fit under a suit. They’ll also be better constructed and have more intricate detailing.

Ever since the idea of not working for anyone became the norm and entrepreneurship became an acceptable gospel everywhere, the sport shirt has become the item with which men can make a fashion statement. That’s why a lot of people are today seen wearing striped sport shirts with jeans and loafers. Don’t you think that’s a perfect date outfit? Especially if a blazer goes with it, then you’re golden. Now, striped shirts look very nice on everyone, and they are more less the trend for years, but that doesn’t give you the license to fill your wardrobe with ninety-nine striped shirts.

You don’t want to get into trouble with your sport shirts? Make sure they are 100 percent cotton. And don’t forget how important it is that they fit. Your shirt should be loose enough that you can move around comfortably. It shouldn’t be binding or super narrow. That said, you should ensure your shirt isn’t big enough to jump around like a kite whenever the wind blows.

oxford shirt with rolled up sleeves
oxford shirt with rolled up sleeves

One sport shirt you should absolutely have in your closet is an oxford shirt, which can work with everything, from a pair of jeans to a blue blazer. An oxford shirt is a sturdy, heavier-weight pinpoint cotton weave with little buttons on the collar. It originated in Britain.

Linen shirts are classic and good-looking. I think everyone should have one or two in their wardrobe. If you’d wear linen however, make sure it’s hefty enough so your nipples or chest hair don’t show. linen-shirtI hope you know how appalling both views are.
Printed novelty shirts are other good sport shirts for you. Just ensure you keep the prints subtle. But please be careful where you wear those printed novelty shirts to. They are for vacations and barbecues, not for anything official.

As good are sport shirts generally are, there are some I wouldn’t like to see you wear. Flannel is not so good an option for men but if you must wear it, make sure you do sparingly. Silk shirts? Come on! They’d better be pyjamas. Silk shirts have been declared not suitable for men at the world general assembly for fashion… just kidding. I just think silk shirts aren’t the best option for any man.

We’ll be talking dress shirts next week…catch you then.