People in government in Nigeria live fake lifestyles – University Don

Prof-Ishaq-OloyedeA university don and National Coordinator, Nigeria Inter-Religious Council (NIREC), Prof. Ishaq Oloyede, has said there are lots of artificiality in governance in Nigeria, that many Nigerian leaders live false lives.

The Punch Newspaper reports that Oloyede advised Nigerian leaders to be “more sincere and natural”. He says that some public officials live false lives that they could not sustain when they are out of office, pointing out that there was the need for discipline among the leaders and the followers.

According to him, “To the government, I think they should be more sincere. They should be more natural rather than being artificial in whatever they do. They have a lot of artificiality in governance. You see people living a life that they would not be able to sustain out of office. That is artificiality. That is someone giving you what you know you are not primarily due for… We should be natural, disciplined and show leadership by example.”

Source: Punch