Samsung Stuns Apple With 100 Million Galaxy S Series Smartphone Sales


It said that it had achieved the sales of an incredible 100 million units of the smartphone Galaxy ‘S’ series.

This will be a breakthrough in the Mobile technology for the company, considering the fact that the Smartphones have taken the shine off the basic normal phones in the market, wooing the young and trendy population across the globe.

The Firm described the Galaxy S series as the innovation that has positioned it for the fist time, as the leading player in Gadget and Smartphone Industry ahead of Apple, which has caused analysts to wonder what will be the next stepfor the Americans.

From a New research carried out, the younger generation categorized as the ‘Generation Y’ have recently considered the Samsung products as ‘Cool’ compared to Apple . The Galaxy S2 plus recently launched with the jelly bean Android Operating system could also close the Smartphones market for other competitors.

Samsung said Galaxy S 3 series have been selling at a faster rate than estimated, which for them is a welcome development. Flagship sales of the Galaxy S 3 reached 30 million units in 5 months, and 40 million units in 7 months . Meaning daily sales of 190,000 units per day.

Innovation in the Mobile technology sector has reached its peak, and with the knowledge of the fact that ‘Smartphones’ are now the best bet for driving sales in the Industry, Apple, HTC, RIM and Nokia will have to roll their sleeves ready to take on Samsung.