1. Just tell me d hope of common man. Imagine only d interest per month whereas over 70% of Nigerians can not bost of 10k in a month talk of 3 square mill in a day. Dis man shd b prosecuted 4 doing such. If possible dat his account shd b liqudate & other of his belongings shd b sold. So dat he wil test poverty as a price of his gridinex & non chalant attitude 2 humanity.

  2. Corruption Season 3: let d EFCC arrest him, plead guilty, give the judge half of the billions and get two months or 250,000 fine and walk as a free man, why running i shld go and ask Igenedion,And others? He shld know d system by now. This county is finished, what will one man want to do with all this money?.

  3. U guys yet unborn children will sure also taste bitter of lif one day…..bastards…..hw did he get out? We dnt have immigration in our exist points again ne? Yeye security set up

  4. And if you blv he truly absconded unaided then I recommend a shrink, and no insult intended. This nation is a whole cesspool of socio-political deception and infamy. I assure you that not long from now the truth will reveal that he was ferreted out to cover up the widespread conspiracy involving the security services, financial institutions and indeed the presidency and its apparachiks. He could he have possibly singularly orchestrated the complex web of mechanisms required for such humongous amounts to be spirited out the public coffers? How somebody tell me? My heart bleeds daily out of the unending flow of malfeasance in supervised by this govt and the sacrilegious lameness of the excuses it spews out, a thoughtless govt! Always speaking before tinking. It took the presidency to take action a 48 hr threat by the senate after more than 9 months while he still enjoyed all the official backing. Ok just 24 hours before in another of a serial line of unforced goofs ! The presidency said it was not the president’s job to take action as there exist civil service due process. What a shameful about turn and the painful aspect is that they are unashamed. Let these pretenders to power continue, but as the Lord liveth something will soon GIVE in this country. May the Lord blind them to the reality of the groundswell of mass anger and lull them to weakness after which they would not know what hit them. They say in hearts the masses are morose, wait and it’s only a matter of time. The sovereign Zeitgeist will roar to life in the fullness of time. There is certainly an expiry date for agenda of rape on the people. I say wait. Daily Social indicators point to the fact that we are tending towards a failed state and these goons dare attempt to make us blv otherwise.

    But for space let me save my breath. Mscheeew!

  5. @ Austine: I would hv love u continue dt brilliant post of urs. Its a consolation dt d country still hv intelligent pple like u. God save Nigeria.

  6. I think this is wat good 4 us Nigerians from 1999 to date the money steal by government officials the so call politicians is enough to better d life of each Nigerian sons and dougthers by now poverty could’ve no space in our country technology and development could’ve been our pride but because of our in ability to unite sleep all this from us today religioun sentiment, tribal sentiment have become the enemy of our progress.
    These idiots call government only god can judge them for us we only pray that may God give us the sense of uniting and may he answer our prayer and give us revolutionary leaders. Amen


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