100 soldiers storm terror suspects’ hideouts in Lagos, Arrest Chadian With Bombs & Ammunition

One-of-the-houses-arrowed-where-some-suspected-Boko-Haram-members-were-arrested-by-soldiers-and-men-of-the-State-Security-Service-at-Aromire-Street-Ijora-Lagos-360x225Fear gripped many residents of Lagos  on Thursday  when news  filtered in that troops numbering about 100 stormed terror suspects’ hideouts in Ijora, a  densely populated part of the city.

The soldiers, who were assisted by men of the State Security Service, were  believed to have acted on a tip-off. They were said to have arrived in the area around 7am in search of the suspects said to be  members of an Islamic fundamentalist sect, Boko Haram.

It was learnt that their search yielded fruits  when  two persons were arrested at 24 Aromire Street and three others at a location in an adjacent street.

The soldiers then ransacked the building at Aromire Street  where one of the arrested persons,  Ibrahim Musa,  occupies five rooms. A bomb  kept in a cooler and hidden inside the ceiling of one of the rooms in Musa’s apartment was recovered by the soldiers.

Musa, who a security source described as an illegal alien from Chad, was  said to be leader of the suspects.

Other items found  were AK-47 rifles, cartridges and daggers.

The security  source, who craved anonymity,  added the raid was as a result of an investigation which began a month ago.

He said, “Security agents got information a month ago that there was a terrorist hideout in  the Seven-Up area of  Ijora. Although we were not sure if they were Boko Haram members or not, we did not want to take any chances so we decided to go and raid the place.

“It was discovered that the place was being run by a Chadian and arms were recovered during the raid,  including AK-47 riffles. Investigations are ongoing and those who are found not culpable will be released.”

Musa’s neighbour,  who craved anonymity, told one of our correspondents that they did not suspect  he  was a member of Boko Haram.

He said the suspect  moved into the house less than three months ago.

“Musa rented  his  apartment  about three months ago. However, since he moved in with  his wife, who recently had a baby  and a brother, none of them  had any known form of livelihood. Musa and his brother, particularly were always going about with their laptops and expensive phones.

“Though he (Musa) was not working, he was usually the first to pay for anything in the house. It was when the soldiers came that we got to know what they truly are. It was in the course of beating him (Musa) that he told the soldiers where he hid the bomb and   guns.”

Another  resident of the area, who identified himself simply as Olu, said that when  the suspects were  being taken away by the soldiers “we did not know they were living here.”

“When soldiers were taking them away, we wondered if they were living in the neighbourhood. It was my neighbour, who told me he had seen Musa once or twice,” he said.

Olu said when the soldiers were going, they told them to be vigilant in the area, saying Boko Haram members had infiltrated the area, particularly the Hausa settlement.

When one of our correspondents  met  the Ojora of Ijora  , Oba Fatai Adeyinka,  he  said he was shocked that Boko Haram members had infiltrated  the area.

The spokesman for the Army 81 Division, Colonel Kingsley Umoh, confirmed the raid but said the army had been carrying out constant raids across the state in response to the rising level of insecurity in the country.

Umoh said over 36 people had been arrested recently. He however said he had yet to receive  the details of Thursday’s operation.

He said, “The Nigerian Army is carrying out a proactive approach. We are raiding every nook and cranny of the state in order to rid it of criminal elements. We are not ignorant of the insecurity in the country so we are carrying out preventive measures and we want to make sure that Lagos is safe for all its inhabitants.

“The raids have been in collaboration with sister agencies like the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps, the SSS, the police and others. It is the OP MESA of the army that is at the forefront of the raids and we have recorded many successes of late as we have also arrested some soldiers who were found wanting.

“I will not be able to brief you fully about Thursday’s raid.”

Lagos State Director, SSS, Achu Olayi, also confirmed the raid but  said that it was too soon for him  to say if the suspects were Boko Haram members or not.

The   raid on Thursday  on the predominantly Hausa settlement came a month after the SSS uncovered  a terror network coordinated by Iranians in Lagos.

The SSS had said while parading a leader of an Islamic sect, Abdullahi Berende, and two others that they  believed  that  the  operators of the Iranian terror cell were  gathering information about Israelis and Americans living in Nigeria.

Source: Punch Newspaper


  1. All in order to cause fight between Hausas and Yoruba to scuttle relationship between the proponents of APC. If the people arrested were non-Moslems they will be addressed as armed robbers. But since they’re Moslems now they’re Boko Haram.

  2. My dear brother,stop beating around the bush,boko haram sects in lagos,are they christians? What are they fighting for? Are they employed by to protect lagos pple,or do fasola owed them like the northerners governors? Call spade spade not flat spoon. If u northerners could be patriotic enough boko harams issue will be a past event.

  3. So the eastern part kidnappers,niger delter militants and area boys of the western part of the country are they muslim or hausa ?People are speaking injustly becouse they don’t like hausa most of the terrors that had been catch were other tribes from east,west,middle belt or christain but they would say hausa or muslim bcos of evil and condemnation had been plotted to hausa. both the iranians and the chadians that are talking about are not nigerian but they said are hausa. look it is obvious that all this created problem in the country and discrimination to hausa and muslim is becouse they discover that there population is rising up morethan any others tribe so let me tell you true “what ever evil,condemnation,descrination,hostilitye and unwanting hadbeen plot to northern muslim and hausas the Almighty God will dissove it and it may back fire the plotters by the will od God”if God say yes no body will say no.

  4. Sanusi and Ibrahim.

    Both of you are truly hausas that you are. You speak like hausa, argue like hausa and think like hausa. All these tribes you mentioned that are fighting for one thing or the other, are they killing the hausas? Asari Dokubo from Niger Delta is a muslim he never during his struggle in the Niger Delta went to any church to bomb it. Most of these Niger Deltans that are militants never go to the street or any area populated by innocent civilians and start shooting but rather they concentrated on the oil installations and oil companies that operate in those areas. Can both of you draw any sense in this? What is the problem with you people? Well of course your religion sees killing as nothing because it is already in your blood, but the God christians serve pass your own God for He is a God of vengeance. When the appointed time comes, he will strike all of you down. It is better for you all to repent now and have Jesus Christ before it is too late for you.


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