For Men: Everyone Looks Good In A Suit


Hey guys! It’s suits’ day. We are over shirts and pants, let’s talk about something that makes everyone look good.

For the records, there are two types of men: men who wear suits everyday, and those who wear them to weddings, and maybe funerals. No matter the category you belong to, and no matter how many suits you have in your wardrobe, be it ten or two, they all should be fantastic. Nothing makes you feel as good, as important, as confident, and powerful; and nothing makes a man look more handsome than a good suit-I think you know what I’m talking about…you know that feeling. Think of that celebrity that you think looks handsome in a suit. Nothing also makes a man look more pathetic than a bad suit.

The society might have become so casual that you think you don’t need a suit, but I gotta tell you every man absolutely needs to have a suit in his closet. There definitely comes a time in a man’s life when you’ve got to put on suit, will you go borrow then? Just buy one and keep in your wardrobe, in case you ever need it-I assure you’re going to need it.

The great thing about suits is that they hardly ever change. If you buy a good quality suit with a classic silhouette and you take proper care of it, the suit can be with you forever. The only thing that can change on your suit is a little is a sign of wear and tear, which is normal, but generally, you’d still look great putting that suit on thirty years from now.

So, if you’re the type that doesn’t really wear suits, but you just want to get one because I said it’s nice, invest in a classic style and not some flashy fashion suit that will look like it’s made for a particular day in the year. It shouldn’t be a trendy silhouette, or have eight buttons or contrast stitching.

What you should go for is a three-button classic British or American Silhouette suit that is going to last you as long as it possibly can, and that you are going to look great in for as long as you want to wear it.

You may have some garments where you jettison quality for quantity. You must never do so when it comes to suits—suits are about quality over quantity. A suit should be one of the most expensive things you buy, and it will most likely have to last longest.

If by the virtue of the work you do, you have to wear a suit every day; you probably need to know what you’re doing when it comes to buying suits. You could just buy three or four high-quality suits, and you are fine. You may buy more when you get a raise, but you’d do well with four. If you have the kind of lifestyle where you only need a suit for weddings, why not just invest in one suit of the very best quality you can afford?

classic suit

When buying your suit, the first thing to look out for should be the fabric. Suits are made of 100 percent wool. Although there are blends out there, and it’s hard to say for sure what these materials are. Lightweight wool suits are ideal, because they can be worn in every season. If you are the guy with only one suit, that’s what you should get. Wool is a natural fibre that keeps you cool when the weather is hot and warm when it’s cold; it breathes and keeps you dry. It is also very easy to care for. More importantly, it is durable, you can use it forever.

If you wear suits a lot, it might be worth investing in lightweight fabrics like poplin or linen. Linen is made from flax. Its texture allows you to feel the breeze through the gauzy weave. But don’t forget, if you’re going.

I’ll be talking about colour, but what do we really need to debate on colours? I’m sure you know a traditional American-cut suit in a solid navy or charcoal gray is great for you if you’re the one suit man, no offense intended; we’re in this together. Navy and gray are the most versatile, and will allow you to wear endless shirt-and-tie combinations. Your suit feels renewed anytime you get new sets of shirts and ties.

I know you’ll be wondering why I didn’t say black, but unless you have many suits to choose from, black can be very severe, and/or a little flashy and a little showy. When paired with a black tie, you’ll sure look a limo driver or some other jobs or groups that use the black suit. A black suit is however still cool anytime if you feel comfortable with it, and you combine right colours that won’t actually make you look like the limo driver, mail delivery man, or an undertaker.

Like I always say, whatever you wear, keep it simple and ensure a nice fit.