Ask Jay: My Boyfriend Stopped Calling After He Met My Mother. What Should I Do?!

Dear Jay,

I introduced my boyfriend to my mother just three days ago. I went back home after spending every evening with him for two weeks and during that time I became so attached to him but he hasn’t called me since I came back. I don’t know what to do.


Dear N.S,
It can be very frustrating when you’ve become attached to a person and they don’t seem serious about you.
In my opinion, your boyfriend wasn’t ready to be serious and introducing him to your mum has scared him away. He probably thinks you’ll be discussing marriage soon and he isn’t ready.
However, I might be wrong. Call him and make sure everything is okay. If he continues to avoid you, then I think it’s time to gather your strength and courage and get over him.
There’s so much better in store for you. Take care. I wish you the very best



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