Boko Haram Rejects Amnesty

boko-15If fillers emerging from a faction of the dreaded Boko Haram sect is anything to go by, the Federal Government’s proposed plan to grant amnesty to the terrorist group may well be heading for the rocks. This is as the group has reportedly rejected the proposed amnesty.

Reports have it that the group, speaking through its spokesman, Abu Daram, to the Hausa service of the BBC stated that their reason for not accepting is that they do not recognise democracy as a form of government. This group which appears to be a faction opposed to the group which had asked for amnesty said it does not agree with the constitution of the Federal Government, stressing that justice could only be found in the Quran.

Also, it has been reported that only the Shura Council of Jama’atu Ahl-Sunnati Lil Da’awati Wal Jihad, also known as Boko Haram, can decide whether the sect will accept the proposed amnesty being advanced by Nigeria’s government. The council is led by Imam Abubakar Ibn Shekau.


  1. U guys can say stupid words cos ur family does not live in d north. Amnesty is introduced in order to avoid these killing in the north. If the bokos refuses amnesty doesn’t mean we should shower abusive words on them

  2. you can now see how things is goin as planted, ok let the amnesty be on but if they refused totally i think government should give way for every community to have access to weapon so that every community can protect it self by it self and let us see how this menace will ended up. our goo God is not sleeping and he is always with us, we shall surely handle this situation if we mean it. i am only begging the government to give way to the local community for them to have access for their safety please.

  3. The idea of granting amnesty to these animals is disgusting,now they have the guts to say they don’t want it. Well no be their fault na weak Federal government wey we get na him they cause all this rubbish.

  4. Dear all,Boko Haram has no fault at all.If the government had used the law and the joint task force purposefully without politics and sentiments,the disgruntled members of the sect would have appreciated the amnesty.They are arrogant as a result of a war fought without casualty on their part.
    I am not saying the JTF didn’t try their best but serious intelligence network that would deliver a deadly blow to their finance,sponsors,accomplices,members and network is absent.Awesome and mighty are the american intelligent and defense community in this area of warefare.Plus they have the leader!

  5. let d FG grants d amnesty wit 3months of laying down of arms,any group who refuse to lay down his weapon will b considered as d enemy of country and capital punishment given to such a person

  6. Dear FG, pls for d sake of innocent ppls who dies anytime dis ppls stike pls give dem amensty
    And I will use dis medium to thanks mr president and all his cabinets and d whole nigeria for their support towards democracy.
    It is not easy to govern but one more I thanks u so much mr president Goodluck Johnathan and his wife madam patience for good work done.
    May GOd Almighty contnue to strenght u. Amin.

  7. I didn’t ustand why this sect choose to destroy only north where most of them are Muslim while their major enemies are in FCT. I think u suppose to leave these poor pple who live in a miserable life and go to ur opponent. Sooner or later it’ll b a history. God save nagerins

  8. why Amnesty to those bunch of coward who called themselves boko harams. Pls FG before u grant amnesty Ask those fools who they are fighting for. The muslim said they are not fighting for Koran and Mohamed does not bring justice by killing innocent people. what FG should do is to grant arms to the people let see who will suffer it.

  9. It high time we wake up from our slumber, all this things are political because mr president himself said it that their is boko harram in his govt meaning that some politicians are using this boko ahrram to make this country ungovernable for him the way some pple used niger delta militant to tackle yaradua era, the most painful aspect of it is that none of this politicians are affected. Mr president should stop killing innocent pple and do the right thing at the right time.

  10. Some pple are idiot because we can all see that the so called boko harram are political miscreant hiding under islam to do their devilish work. I want to ask you clara is Adolf Hitler a muslim? The americans that went ahead and test nuclear bomb in another pples land that claim about 2million life. Are those american muslims? This is not the right time to fight over religions rather we should join hand in prayer to seek for our creator help over this our country issue.

  11. What a shame!!! Who in the name of all that is good, is actually advising President Jonathan? How do you give amnesty to a group that has not asked for it? Instead of getting people to sit down deliberating on a non requested issue, why not get the right calibre of people to sit together with a view to progressing a plan for the complete annihilation of this cancer called Boko Haram? The President Goodluck Jonathan’s government has been dithering for so long, and has subsequently allowed this rag tag team to gradually metamorphose into what is now referred to as dreaded! GEJ! wake up from your stupor, get the right team together, eradicate these hoodlums, and give our dear country Nigeria the leadership, security, peace and prosperity that it urgently needs and deserve.