Discover Ancient History and Bask In the Beauty of the Islands of Malta

The Islands of Malta are a beautiful mystery with North African and Arab influences. They hold spectacular sights such as prehistoric temples that merge with deep waters and mesmerizing cliffs and caves.

• Malta’s ancient capital, Mdina is a typical medieval town located in the centre of the island. Boasting some of the best architecture on the island this is a serene town with endless sights to explore. It is largely off limits to cars,and known as the ‘Silent City’. This adds an air of mystery and serenity to it.

• Gozo, another Island, is known to provide a tranquil haven for a tempo and scene change. The charm of Malta’s sister island is immediately apparent; it’s greener, more rural and smaller and therefore more suitable for a quiet retreat.

• Gozo also has a beautiful landscape and a spectacular coastline for beach lovers to enjoy.

The Islands of Malta are a prime destination for your family vacation.