Fashion: Fashion Trends That Are Bad For Your Health


Everyone likes to be viewed as fashionable but sometimes being fashionable comes at a high price. Here are a few fashion trends that are detrimental to your health:

1, Skinny Jeans

Tight-fitting jeans can cause a large number of problems including urinary tract infections and yeast infections for women and twisted testicles and bladder weakness for men. A study also found that tight-fitting pants can cause low sperm count and fungal infections.

2, High Heels

High heeled shoes do a lot of damage to the entire body from head to toe. High-heeled shoes cause bunions, foot arthritis, knee and back pain.  Also forcing your feet into the wrong size of shoes can cause nerve damage.

3, Flip Flops (Slippers)

Flip-flops offer no support to your foot, increasing risk of injury to the feet, ankles, knees and lower back.  The lack of support can leave a person susceptible to nerve problems.  According to a report from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, flip-flops also change the way a person walks, forcing them to grip the sandal with the toes and putting unnecessary strain on a different set of muscles.

4, Extremely Large Handbags

Some women are notorious for carrying around enormous bags despite the pain that it inevitably causes.  Heavy bags can cause significant back and neck pain. Skinny straps also can dig into the skin and bags that are not worn properly can even lead to nerve pain.  So, is everything in that bag really a necessity?

5, Portable Music Players

This has now become a very popular accessory – for men and women, young and old.  And yet, blaring music directly into the ears is definitely not a good thing.  Headphones can blast sounds at 110 decibels, roughly equivalent to a rock concert and twice the volume of normal conversation. If a personal standing near you can hear the music coming through the headphones, then it’s too loud. In fact, as little as 15 minutes a day with loud music can do serious damage. Plugging the ears also multiplies the amount of bacteria inside the ear.

6, Tight Underwear

For men, wearing tight underwear can cause an increase in temperature in the area around the testes, which can lead to infertility.  Jock itch, a fungus that grows around the groin area, can also be triggered by friction with clothing and prolonged wetness in the groin, such as sweating.  Urinary tract infections have also been tied to wearing tight, non-breathable underwear.

As is the case for men, women wearing tight, non-breathable underwear can create an environment that does not stay cool or dry.  This environment can lead to urinary tract or other infections.  Thong underwear causes significant friction and can cause abrasions and, potentially, actual wounds.  Yeast infections also are more common among women who wear thongs.