Boko Haram Amnesty Panel: More Members May Pull Out

BOKO-HARAM-COMMThe withdrawal of the Executive Director of the Civil Rights Congress of Nigeria (CRCN), Comrade Shehu Sani, and President of the Supreme Council for Sharia in Nigeria (SCSN), Dr. Ibrahim Datti Ahmed from the amnesty panel set up by the Federal Government on Boko Haram may result in more nominees following suit.

Although pressure had mounted on the remaining 24 of the 26-member committee not to quit, it was learnt that some members of the committee who are not politicians, may withdraw from the committee.

“Some have started consultations with their families and associates over the implication of the job and may pull out like Shehu Sani and Datti Ahmed over fear of attacks,” said a source.

It would be recalled that Sani withdrew from the committee on grounds that he was not consulted and instead gave the names of those he said could link the government up with members of the sect.

On his on part, Datti Ahmed said his rejection was based on past bitter experiences he had over the bid to dialogue with the sect in order to bring about peace in the country.

The decision to consider amnesty for Boko Haram was taken by the government following calls by several individuals and organisations, particularly prominent northerners.