Is that Relationship Leading to Marriage? or Are You Just Wasting Your Time? Find Out Here


So you’ve been dating that special person for a very long time now and you’re wondering if you have a future together. Here’s how to know if you’ve found the one.

  1. You talk about a specific future that involves each other.

You must have discussed your plans for the future with your partner but have you gone into more detail? Have you mentally prepared a place for each other in your future lives? When your boyfriend says to you, “I’d like to have kids a few years after you finish your Master’s,” he’s talking about a future with you and you can be rest assured that he wants you for more than a girlfriend.

2.   You speak in “when’s”, not “if’s”.

If your guy starts sentences with, “When we get married,” he’s made up his mind: He wants you to be his wife. You may not get engaged the next day, or even the next year, but if your relationship continues to blossom after a statement like that, your marriage will have that man in it.

3.    It’s not strange to talk about your future wedding.

Similarly, when marriage is a foregone conclusion, you don’t feel funny letting him know the intricate details of how you want your wedding to be. It’s a very good sign if he’s talking about your wedding, too, but don’t worry if he’s not–as long as he’s happy to hear you chat about it, you’re in good shape.

4.    You’re each considered a part of the other’s family.

If you’re his sister’s best friend, chat for hours with his mom and laugh a lot with his dad, you can be sure that a place is being gradually made for you in that family. If you are close to your boyfriend’s family and he knows all the members of your family and comes for every family event, it is almost certain that wedding bells will ring for you soon.

5.    You can picture yourselves standing together at the altar.

A popular saying states that to achieve something, you must first be able to see it in your mind’s eye. If you can’t get your mind to picture a ceremony with your man or woman, there’s no way you’ll get your body there. The human mind and instinct are very strong and if yours are not in support of that relationship, they’re probably right.

Of course the most obvious sign is when your man gets on one knee and asks you to be his bride forever. It doesn’t get any clearer than that.

man on one knee