Jonathan Asked To ‘Sack’ Governors Of Boko Haram States

jonathan-300x225The United Aladura Churches Worldwide have called on President Goodluck Jonathan to take a decisive decision and declare state of emergency in states where Boko Haram attacks are prevalent so as to end the terrorist group’s senseless carnage.

Speaking with newsmen in Lagos, President of the UAC, Baba Aladura Samuel O. Andrew, said that there is the likelihood of the connivance of northern elders and governors in shielding this faceless group to commit atrocities against Nigerians.

He said the President should reconsider the amnesty plan for the terrorists, shun politics and do all within his powers to ensure peace in the country.

The consideration of amnesty for the Boko Haram group, Andrew said, will surely encourage more uprisings in other parts of the country, adding that majority of members of the dreaded terrorist group are either Chadians or Nigeriens.

“This kind of uprising is not new to Nigeria. When there was Agbekoya uprising in the South West in the 70s, the Agbekoya people were never given amnesty. The same thing too when there was Maitatsine revolt in the North, they were never considered for amnesty. If the government should go ahead and grant pardon to these faceless criminals, that would be setting a bad precedent for anarchy in the country,” Baba Aladura Andrew warned.

Giving Boko Haram amnesty is like giving amnesty indirectly to Al Qaeda, he added.

The UAC said Nigerians will surmount the Boko Haram insurgency as it overcame the Agbekoya and Maitatsine with prayers and fasting, adding that everybody should be vigilant and be security conscious so as not to be taken unawares by this terrorist group.

Baba Aladura Andrew advised northern governors and elders to assist the President to stop the carnage in the North as this is happening in their territory warning that reprisal attacks in the south will be terrible.

The United Aladura Churches which comprises the Cherubim and Seraphim Churches, Celestial Church of Christ, Church of the Lord (Aladura) and the Fellowship of Christ Disciples Ministry, however, said that there is hope for the entity called Nigeria as the Nigeria Inter Religious Committee is doing a lot to salvage the situation.

While explaining the activities of the UAC, Andrew said the body was set up to sanitize the activities of white garment churches. Already, he said, two white garment churches have been blacklisted in Ibadan and their leaders expelled from the UAC because their doctrines are not biblical.


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