Motoring: Take A Spin Inside The Sleek and Stylish Mercedez Benz S Class 2013

The house of Mercedes Benz is like an excited new mother as it is set to release its latest creation: the 2013 S Class.
This latest model doesn’t disappoint as it showcases the same ingenuity and innovation that has made Mercedez Benz a household name.
Here is a list of features that make the 2013 S class the wonder on wheels that it is:

1. It is going to come in four different saloon sizes. There’ll be a regular saloon and long-wheelbase S-class, but there’ll also be super-stretched ‘Pullman’ versions, able to seat up to six people, thanks to a massive 6500mm length.
This is no MPV-style six-seater, though: the two extra seats will be rear-facing chairs which fold away when unused.
Splitting the gap between the Pullman and a LWB S-class will be an extra-long wheelbase S-class, squaring up to the Rolls-Royce Ghost with masses of legroom for the separate rear seats.

2. It’ll ride like no other car

We’re used to adaptive suspension the driver can tailor, but a car setting itself up? Thanks to ‘Magic Ride Control’ (seriously, that’s Merc’s official name) the new S-class will do just that. Forward-facing cameras scan the road ahead and alter the S-class’ damping rates according to the surface, all automatically of course.

3. The S-class has no lightbulbs

Sounds strange, but the new S-class really doesn’t have conventional lightbulbs anywhere in the car. The car’s light clusters are all-LED front and rear, and they’re clever, too: the front units auto-dim for oncoming traffic and can ‘spotlight’ pedestrians and wildlife at night to alert the driver. Meanwhile, the rear lights vary their intensity in bright ambient light to cut down on power consumption. The all-LED lights reduce CO2 output by 2.1g/km, says Mercedes.

4. The S-class can actually ‘see’ like a human

A seeing car is the stuff of science-fiction? Apparently not. The S-class introduces 3D ‘Stereo Multi-Purpose Cameras’ which can scan up to 500mm ahead of the car. The camera’s eyes create a layered 3D image which identifies potential hazards like errant pedestrians, animals and street furniture. Fail to react and the S-class warns the driver, can flash its headlights and even brake itself to a complete stop without the distracted pilot breaking sweat

5. At times, the new S-class will completely drive itself

Forget radar-guided cruise control and infra-red sensors: those were headlines on the old S-class. The new S will not only follow traffic ahead and brake itself, but execute its own lane changes and overtakes thanks to six-on board radars. Plus, active steering and ‘Lane Keep Assist’ stop the driver drifting out of lane, keep the car straight, and give drivers eyes in the back of their head should a fellow road-user attempt an ill-advised undertake manoeuvre.

6. Choose from a four-cylinder hybrid to a 680bhp V12

Go hybrid and there’ll be three different tiers of electric motor assistance: slugs of 41bhp, 61bhp and 109bhp slug, in addition to internal combustion power. The current V6s will be retuned for the new car, but bow out in 2017 for even more frugal straight-six motors. And for the top AMG model, you’ll get a bi-turbo V12 with 680bhp. That’s supercar power, and the S65 AMG will get supercar materials to match: the bonnet, bootlid, roof and doors will all be carbonfibre to keep the weight down.

It seems that, with this latest release, Mercedez Benz is set to give all other luxury car manufacturers a run for their money.
The 2013 S class is set to be released in June.

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