Mrs. Liyel Imoke Wins Life-Time Achievement Award in U.S

The Founder/Board Chair of Partnership Opportunities for Women Empowerment Realization, POWER, Mrs. Obioma Liyel-Imoke has won the Life Time Achievement Award in the United States of America.
The award, which was given by Women Empowered to Achieve the Impossible, (WETATI), was presented to her at a grand ceremony in the prestigious BWI Hilton in Maryland, United States.
In a letter signed by the Founder and President of WETATI, Margaret Dureke, Mrs. Liyel-Imoke’s recognition was predicated on her “lifelong commitment to public education, women’s issues, and for her numerous public service initiatives, which includes Partnership Opportunities for Women Empowerment Realization, POWER, Mothers Against Child Abandonment, MACA; A Society Fit for A Child, ASFAC; Destiny Child Centre, DCC and Project Awake.
“Moreover, your appointment as Ambassador for Education for All and Education without Borders is a further testimony to your commitment to equality and human dignity. Through your compassion, humility and sagacity, you have carved out a niche as an irrepressible and pugnacious fighter for the poor, the homeless, the marginalized and the needy. Your accessibility to the citizens of your State is now legendary and your policy of inclusion, rather than exclusion is a model for other First Ladies to emulate”.
Margaret Dureke, described WETATI as a holistic enterprise that “embraces and touches different facets- financial matters, poetry, art, politics, development, health education etc.
She noted that challenges and sacrifice as key ingredients to realising dreams. “When you go into the annals of history of successful people who made an impact in the lives of others and left legacies, it is evident that they understood these principles.”, according to her.
The founder and President of WETATI encouraged women to push for change by embracing these principles in pursuit of their life ambitions or dreams. “It is never too late to dream or reignite the ones you had before. It is only too late for those who give up.



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