[Opinion] Nigerian Girls want Mentors without benefits.

Older men are often attracted to nubile Nigerian girls only for the benefits involved. Objectively: the unlimited opportunity for good and refreshing carnal relations with these youngsters. In exchange for this benefit, the girls are showered with expensive gifts ranging from cars, houses, handsets, jewelry; to mention a few.

What do Nigerian girls really want. Better still, what is the best gift to shower a budding young women of your accquintance?
Simple: Mentorship. Of all gifts to offer the Nigerian teenage girl, mentoring is the best so far!

Incidentally, I have never heard a single case of worthy mentorship between an older man and a younger woman without sexual benefits.
Most people are of the opinion that young women sometimes insist on paying back their beneficiaries with sex. While it may be true, I must relate that every woman sees sex as the highest and most precious form of gratitude. The issue is men should learn to stop taking advantage of this generous weakness.

The next time a young lady you are trying to help, offers you a taste of her forbidden fruits,compliment on her generosity and demonstrate your astuteness by wisely declining the offer. There are better ways to reap the fruit of your labor: One being the satisfaction that you made “somebody” out of someone.

By Susan