Tell Boko Haram To Stop Attacking Christians, Anglican Primate Urges Amnesty Panel

For peace to reign in Nigeria, the Boko Haram Amnesty Committee raised by the Federal Government must prevail on the sect to stop killing Christians and destroying their places of worship, the Primate of Anglican Communion, Most Rev. Nicholas Okoh, has cautioned.

Boko_HaramOkoh’s admonition is contained in a position paper released by the church and made available to Vanguard last night.

In the document entitled ‘The rough edges of the amnesty proposition’, the primate noted with concern the rush to grant amnesty to the BH sect without any form of truth and reconciliation, which he noted, should have preceded amnesty.

The Anglican Communion noted that although the motive of the Federal Government was to achieve peace in the north, ignoring the first steps that should have been taken would only result in the attainment of what it called ‘half peace’.

The church said: “If the Federal Government goes ahead through the amnesty committee to make peace on BH’s terms, it would have inadvertently and effectively banned Christians and Christianity from the North.

In the amnesty committee, who will speak for the right of the church, not to be tolerated, but as Nigerian Christians to exist side by side with Islam and Muslims, build churches, worship freely, move about freely without being hunted down with all sorts of weapons?

”Will the amnesty committee ensure that Christians are not merely tolerated in the north but are allowed to live abundant life as Muslims as Christians do in other parts of the country?”


  1. I agree with you Reverend. Not only Boko Haram, but the entire Moslem population in the north should give peace a chance and show restraint to Christians. As i write now, Christian travelers along Gamboru- Maiduguri road, Banki-Bama to Maiduguri are been targeted. They bring them out of commercial vehicles and are forced to denounce their faith and embrace Islam. Those who resist are killed or abducted. Right now many local governments are indirectly controlled by this sect compelling Christians to leave in droves.

  2. People shoud fear GOD in giving false testimonies pls, go to gombe bauchi kano kaduna katsina jos sokoto ….(nothern states) and practically see hw christians are going about their normal activities. They go to their worship places without fear enjoy their b/s , they do come over (to d north) to gain admission into tertiary institutions , they do buy land build their houses and what hav u. Unlike in the south where even security man of bank , cleaners in govt agencies and private org , northerner (muslims particularly) were denied chance. Is impossible in south for a northerner to buy land with his money. Is only in the north that special advisers,personal advisers, assistants and special assistants are handed to southerner (mostly christian) . Is only in the north that ……….


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