Advice Needed: I lost the Love of My Life and I Can’t Seem to Find Love Again. What should I Do?

cant friend ex

Dear Jay,

I met a girl in 2006, we dated for 5yrs and we loved each other very much. In 2011 she got married, and since then I’ve found it difficult to love again. Please I need your advice.


Dear C.N,

       Training yourself to fall out of love with a person can be very difficult. I understand what you’re going through but you can’t let yourself be stuck in the past. You have to move on.

  My advice is that you summon up all your courage and determine within your heart to move on and find love again. It’s the only choice you have. I wish you the very best.



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  1. To find a girl is not a hard thing. The main thing is, will you find the kind of love you had with the other girl in her?. Just cool down a look for female friend first before you talk about love. U just have to becareful. Good luck man