Ask Jay: I Love A Girl But She Doesn’t Seem to Love Me. What Should I Do?


Dear Jay,

 I love this girl so much and I’ve wooed her but she doesn’t say yes or no but we’re very close and she care about me and she’s always jealous when she sees me with other girls. However, when I tell her I love her, she just laughs but doesn’t reply even when I ask. What should I do please?


Dear A.I,

        Let me first of all put your mind at rest; that girl definitely loves you. Something is just holding her back. Maybe she has had her heart broken before so she finds it hard saying “I love you”.

       My suggestion is that you stop saying it too. This might seem strange but I know many girls who suddenly started paying more attention to a guy because he didn’t seem to care about them anymore. If she senses that you’re getting tired of chasing her, she’ll stop playing games. I wish you the very best.



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