(PHOTO) Beaten and Battered: Woman’s Clothes Ripped Off For Infidelity

A married woman has been beaten and stripped naked in public after she was caught sleeping with another man.


The question now is why is it that men hardly get the same treatment when they are caught sleeping with another woman?

Immediately a lady is caught cheating, without people hearing her reasons for such act, she is quickly been tagged as a prostitute, and called all sorts of diminishing names. And even sometimes just like this similar case, beaten and stripped naked in public.

The other question is, what right does a normal human being have to judge another for their doings? Most people are so quick to pass judgement on others knowing fully well they have or will commit such crimes themselves.

Yet people are so quick to claim they are religious knowing fully well that their religion don’t support judging others. Is judgement not suppose to be for God?

Please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions about this.


  1. People can be funny at times, people see it as right when a man sleeps around. what happened to the man that slept with the woman. this is pure nonsense. Probably the women should take up the job of stripping the men naked when ever such an act occurs. Funny enough it is possible that some of this men that stripped the poor woman are also guilty of the same act, it is just that they have not been caught. i am sure they do not have better things to do. I am not justifying what the woman did, but there is nobody that is without sin, and if at all they want to judge, the man should be judged too…keeping in mind that as they judge the woman, so would they be judged…*pissed*

  2. Am sure these men are themselves vises of the devil as they are washing they are also getting wet and enjoying the nudity, howbeit they are not more worse than this victims.obviously this cannot be Lagos this type of scenario is more common in the east and the general public should frown at the youth over there and ensure a drastic end to this barbaric act.God forgives us all.

  3. So sad, it’s only the Almighty dat can judge n wot abouy d man she did it wit?, why was he not stripped n beaten too?. Hmmmmmmmmmmm

  4. the thief wey dem caught na him be thief, but the one wey dem no catch is not a thief, na millionial, may GOD forgive man,

  5. Where is that man that slept with her? What did they do to him? Even if they paraded her and the said man unclad(both of them naked), Who gave them the authority to judge her/them? It’s unfortunate! Stupid hypocrites. Nonsense!!

  6. nanja haba what an insort to mankind is even gud for us to welcome shari’ah than this stupid act y y y my pple God make u understand d important of your religiou.

  7. A key that opens any lock is considered a master key whilst a lock that is being opened with or can be opened with any key is considered to be useless!!!

  8. Thats sentimental & stupidity щorkin hand in hand,
    Ъoth gender are @fault, so y щuld a person take the blame of two faulters???

    hoщ dear humans place judgment on their hands?# not in this case…
    STuPIdITy IT iS***

  9. it all have to do with our level of development in nigeria.as much as we dont support adultery,nobody has the right to molest or degrade another person in the manner this people did.is it possible for the woman to commit the sin alone? most people are hypocritical in their thinking. if those men there has the opportunity to have a share in secrecy,hardly will they refused.it is high time our law enforcement agents live up to expectation.

  10. i know this picture very well. The man was also stripped. If u look at d left hand side of d picture, u would notice a man dats tryin 2 cover his lower region. Tanx. And 4 d bastard dat said it happened in d east, how certain r u?

  11. look closely n ul see another naked person…the MAN! then what is the proof that that happened in naija?

  12. What is happening in this world…. Where is this freedom they said one has… How can a man stripped a girl or a woman just because she sleeps with someone’s husband… why dont they stripe the two? or did she do it alone. Its time we think and reason like human beings. Let me tell you all, if not for the creator GOD, animals is far better than we humans… May God forgive you all, and the leaders fold their hands watching… though who are these leaders?

  13. The humiliation a woman gets after being caught cheating is ”nothing” compared to the humiliation, frustration and insult her husband ”feels” considering the amount of blood, sweat, time and money he has put to marry her. However, the way this case was handled is absord.

  14. this is inhuman some men are useless, the way they treat their wives is totaly unfair, that is why u see must women go out with other men just to get happiness, men should leearn to be fair to their wives

  15. Y will any sensible man treat a woman lyk shit or piece of rag. Yes she cheated buh its dat d best way 2 handle it n are u nt guilty of d same crime? Even if u r nt guilty its absolute wrong 2 treat one lyk dat let GOD be d judge!


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