TB Joshua, Pastor Chris Accused of “Occultism”


Ghanaian Bishop Isaac Owusu Bempah, Founder and Leader of the Glorious Word Power Ministries International, has labeled two of Nigeria’s celebrated pastors as partners in winning souls for the devil.

TB Joshua, Pastor Chris Accused of "Occultism"

In the words of the controversial Owusu Bempah, the founding President of Believers’ LoveWorld Incorporated, also known as “Christ Embassy”, Dr Christian Oyakhilome (popularly known as “Pastor Chris”) and General Overseer of The Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Prophet Temitope Balogun (aka TB) Joshua, are not “true men of God”, but leaders of occults, winning souls for the devil.

This claim, according to Owusu-Bempah, is based on God’s revelation to him in a vision as well as his own analysis of the scripture, works and conduct of the two popular heads of two religious organisations in Africa.

Owusu-Bempah said he once heard Pastor Chris saying he saw nothing wrong with homosexuality and lesbianism, and wondered which true man of God would lead his flock with such beliefs.

“No doubt he [Pastor Chris] is a friend and partner of TB Joshua”, Owusu-Bempa noted last week, claiming both men are dubious men of God who have a pact with the devil.

For Owusu Bempah, Nigerians have allegedly realized the dubious character of the Nigerian televangelist faith healer and founding president of Christ Embassy and his partnership with TB Joshua and have consequently chased him out of the country to South Africa, where he presently resides.

On TB Joshua, Owusu-Bempa claimed he once saw him with his feet on the floor preaching, an incident he said revealed to him that TB Joshua was not from God.

“When you see anyone claiming to worship God who worships with his feet on the ground, he’s an occultist. And TB Joshua is an occultist.

“Ask yourself how TB Joshua, who claims God called him, worships with his feet on the ground? Let me tell you if you go to any church and you see the leader worshiping with his feet on the ground, it’s a sign of demonism; it’s occultic. People like that follow spirits that are not of God. It is occultic.”

According to him, God later revealed that TB Joshua was an occultist who did not draw his spiritual powers from God.

“Some time ago, I used to like TB Joshua. I was watching him on television, and the Lord opened my eyes. I saw him with horns on his head, and he had the face of a wolf. His tongue was that of a snake and he had blood smeared all over his mouth.”

“Immediately, I rushed into my bedroom, and the Lord told me that he wasn’t from Him, but was working under the authority of bad spirits,” the pastor added. “That was when I realized TB Joshua was demonic and not of God.”

The man who has himself been labeled a false prophet by some of his critics, advised Ghanaians not to be misled by signs of wonders and so-called men of God whose powers do not come from God.

He also accused TB Joshua in particular of sometimes faking miracles to win the confidence of his flock. “He can perform a clean miracle today and contaminate it with a lot of fake ones”.

Joshua claimed his “own junior pastor went to his church to be healed. He was forced to sit in a wheel chair and made to claim before the cameras that he had received his healing even though he hadn’t. He returned to the country and within two weeks, he passed away”, Owusu-Bempah stated.

He again cautioned Ghanaians not to be in a hurry to attend the services of Prophet TB Joshua since he is the “anti-christ.”

“If you are a pastor who worked under him and he gets to know you want to reveal his secrets, he kills you directly,” Owusu-Bempah alleged.

“If no one is willing to say this, I will say it: TB Joshua is the anti-christ and an agent of the devil… I know of a pastor who attended his church, and when he should tell you about what he saw, your mouth would drop,” he stated.

Source: Ghana Web


  1. hmmm….TB Joshua dat man must b frm devil, eva since i knw him, i neva trust him. Bt dat Ghanian pastor must also investigated ova ystrday killings ina Ghana. Pastor chris, his own is dat he claims 2 b white man, datz y he is behavin lyk dat.

    • Oh my GOD….U humans y is it so hard 4 u to believe in he who created u? Rather u choose to believe in the criticisms of some selfish pastors, remember dat whatever u saw 2day will u reap 2morrow. GOD is watching and Hearing the evils in ur hearts……..

  2. yes we know dat,Apos.Paul saw a woman doing mircl wit demonic power in Act,and paul use his power dat comes from God 2 deliva her.pst Owusu Bempah,use de power dat God give 2 u and deliva does men of devil,if u can do it shut up ur dirty mout.and pray 4 God’s blessing.

  3. To be candid we ought not to judge! Bible says, judge not that ye not be judged, with the measure ye mete, it shall be measure to you again. The same bible dat says, there is one lawgiver, who is able to save and to destroy, who art thou that judgest another! So let them with God dat called them or pray for them.

  4. Na dem get dem mouth. You weh HOLY pass mek GOD give you Anoda vision n power to destroy them or do more than them. JESUS suffer watin pass dis 1 4 ur hand na. So sabo, persecutor leave GOD annoited alone stop poising people minds.

  5. I think the Ghanian pst has no job to do may be he should beg any of the two psts to employ him since he thinks that the best way to win souls is to castigate other pastors. Busybody pastor

  6. Pastor owusu is a barbarian, talking wat he himself doesn’t understand. What kinda of pastor would pick on other pastors publicly if not that there is jealousy. He wants to be noticed. My pastor CHRIS wasn’t chased of Nigeria oooooo

    • Please Irespective of anything that has happen, do not insult any of the anointed men. Can you remember what happen to paul, after answering the Priest badly he later knew that He was speaking to a priest and he apolagize for that. Please touch non of the Three Men of God in discussion either by your word or action. thank you and remain bless.

  7. Well i get ur gist, i think d predominant practice nw adays is that u find a means of defaming a popular figure in order for d lier 2b popular & be known, Mr Truth! Why can’t you pray to God to make you father of all nation as he did for Abraham, & now to these pastors you ar criticising, if truely you ar man of God & nt an agent of Anti-CHRIst, why can nt you come nearer to these pastors and deliver them.? Man of God! Av you ever wash your own church toilet befor?, or have u sweep ur own church or any before, or av u workd as a labour in d building of a church before? My brother am nt any1 of them member bt from d point of the criticizer i think he need to be deliverd!;-(;->;->;-(;-(;-(…

  8. Pastor owusu, I thought u ar wise. Why ar u judging this man of God. Can u ever in ur life do wht tb joshua is doing for the poor. Hav u ever sponsor somebody in school. Pls owusu u better mind ur business and let them be. Wait who ordained u as a pastor. U ar nothing but a failure. Devil agent one day u must surely render ur apology to the 2 pastors. U better do it now. E no better for u.

  9. All i have 2 say is dat whatsoever man soweth so shall he reap wether pastor chris and prophet TB joshua comes 4rm God or not God has d final say but remember in last days many things will b happening pastors will b against pastor miracles everwhere children of God b alive in d spirit so dat u will not b mislead JESUS is coming soon b prepared

  10. All i have 2 say is dat whatsoever man soweth so shall he reap wether pastor chris and prophet TB joshua comes 4rm God or not God has d final say but remember in last days many things will b happening pastors will b against pastor miracles everwhere children of God b alive in d spirit so dat u will not b mislead JESUS is coming soon b prepared pastor owusu judge not so dat u will not b judged GOD knws everything

  11. Sir, my advice is dat if u hv such visions, u dnt need 2 publiciz it, al u need do is go to them nd tel them 2 repent frm their evil ways. And whether they listen 2 u or not, u hv played ur own part. Leave d rest for God. Thank u Sir

  12. That shall not goege,but base on your matters, thas you mean that God can’not give such a pwr,is only devl can give pwr to forstrent himself by himself.?
    And remeber wht jesus say if you have faith you wil do a greater,thas you mean all wht jesus hav said is lie,or its yet time to come to pass. So you are liear u stil reme a liea if u no repent im sury 4u.

  13. Nothin new brethren.Jesus Christ during His lifetime was accussed by d Chief Priest & Pharisees (2days Bishops and Pastors who ar carnal minded.) of healing wit Baalzzebub-d chief of demons. Yet Jesus was d Son of God,d true Saviour. As it was in d beginin,so shall it be now & 4ever. False accusers wil continue 2 persecute God and His true annointed Servants. It is not a new thing.

  14. That man is lying I have never heard of pastor chris saying lesbianism or homosexuality is not a sin.in all his preaching I have come across,he has always condemn gay and lesbianism that man should help himself as quick as possible.

  15. i am sure of wat he is owusu saying is truth becouse d era we r living nd d bible prophecy tell us of time lyk dis,nd it always says becouse of increase in lawlesness nd a striving 4 healing nd deleverance many would nt believe truth wen spoken.i put it 2 any doubter there dat u shud test every knwlage 2 c if its 4rm jah,nd 4 owusu u shud nt also give a dog a bad name just becouse he barks dnt 4get dat God will judge sinners nt u or i.just pray dat dose whose eyes r blind God shud open it 4 dem b4 it 2 late.

  16. Ghananian pastor is very 100% right. Ve u follow dis men doctrine carefully, they dn’t quote from the bible; and yet people re stil rushing in. Even Jesus in the bible book of MATTEW He quote the bible for his discple to knw dat HE NT HIS OWN WORD’S BUT D ONE WHO SENT HIM. D world is doom even d ghananian clerg, U GUYS CARRYING MATERIALISTIC GOSPEL AND CLAIM IT TO REVELATION AND VISION ARE D ROAMING LION. NOW U DNT SEEK FOR WHOM DEVOIR, PEOPLE SEEK U 2 DEVOIR DEM. THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST, SAVING LOST SOUL. FOR MORE INFO VISIT OUR web @ http://www.thegospelofchrist.com.

  17. “He can perform a clean miracle today and contaminate it with a lot of fake ones”.
    My question to the Bishop is, who does the “clean” miracles come from, God or Satan? A kingdom divided against itself shall not stand.

  18. I think ghanian police shld investigate d acclaimd stnpede in pastor tb church in ghana. Pastor. Isaac owusu may be a prime suspect. May be becus tb is nt a ghanian & many souls are trooping to synagogue church or are ther ₪☹ fake pastors in other churches in ghana?

  19. People are busy nailing this man for what he said without stopping to ask themselves “What if it is true? That should be the question and not an attack on the man having in mind that in life everything is possible.

  20. Truth is bitter. Yes the bible says judge not yet the same bible says we should TEST all spirits to see whether they r from God. Miracles is not proof that God is there because Satan also performs miracles. Unfortunately most people do not have the spirit of discernment. I strongly believe that T.B Joshua is an occultist who draws his powers from demonic sources. It is perfectly clear to me because when I watch his emmanuel tv I don’t see the spirit of Christ at work…what I see clearly is a contrary spirit…people should ask God for discernment.

  21. In my view i think this our brother should come forward deliverance otherwise how can u be a man of God and God open ur eye to some one who hourn on his hand and u can remove it thourgh deliverance settly is not My Father in the lord he saw, i think if he come for delieverance he can see clear.
    pls as my father use to say amean prophet TB Joshua no matter how u condiction yourself you can also be tempted.for him to come out and speek in this manner it means salvation is close to him if he make step forther
    Jesus is ever ready for all of us


  23. Hmmm, how sure are u? I’m sure dis is ur own strategy 2 draw/divert more people 2 ur own church. U are looking 4 additional offerings & tithes! U are satisfied with d little God has blessed with? Okay, go on na! Greedy fellow….

  24. No mata what anyone says or does against d name of dis profound father of faith (Pst Chris Oyakhilome), I still love him….he is d number 1 preacher in d world 2 me, who speaks d language I understand; and my life is beta since I met him….so if dis is d definition of fake, I think I like fake becos I like dis man of God.

  25. Dear Bishop Isaac,
    Please do not lose focus of Mark 16v15. If prophet TB Joshua is the Anti Christ, why not leave him for God to Judge him? have you run out of message for your congregation and to the people of the world. kindly allow Luke6v37 to guide your utterances.

  26. To those who are against the great man of God, senior Prophet TB Joshua, the Elija of our general, I feel sorry and pity for you because the mystery of the kingdom of God is not made known to you. Seeing u don’t see, heAring u don’t understand. Lk 8:10, mk 4: 11. U are all blind.

  27. Owusu I will have given u in a bunch but the teaching of prophet TB Joshua, teaching of love for my enemies like u, dat I should not retarliat with evil but rather with love. One day we shall all see u at scoan confessing how ur father lucifer haS been using you. Because what is in u is purely his spirit. We pray to see u soon for your deliverance if not na hell carry you go be dat.

  28. Ghana pastor listen up: you cal urself a true man of God but a junior pastor under u left you to look for healing miracle elsewhere,shame. Is like u no longer get customers in ur church, why not suggest a merger or enter politics.



  30. The bible says we shall know the truth and the truth shall set us free i want everyone that read this page to know what to say about anyone call by the of God the Pastor that spoke wasn,t a man of God he himself need to go for deliverance he was used by devil to discourage the children of God that were bond by satan for them not to optain there deliverance because God is using his servant loose the people from bondage . I my self have been there and God proofed himself as the God of the soul,s of Prophets i saw the Angels of God descending and ascending i said to God to proof himself in Prophet T. B Joshua and He did and i felt the presence of God dont listen to anyone speaking negative words against the Anointed ones. matthew 7-1 has spoke not to judge anyone let God judge the world .Is he ( Pastor ) claiming to be a righteous man? if truly the spirit of God dwells in you, you wouldn,t have wrote all this blasphamy i could understood how much jealous you are remember that all unrighteousness are sin if truly you dreamt, the dream is yours

  31. you people misinterprete the bible, even on the last day, its men that will judge men. You people are so blind, by fake miracles, and has put so much trust on this men of God. You no longer read your bibles , you now leave the reading of bibles to the so called men of God who now misinterpret it and you will be smiling and shoutin ride on! Have you guys ever listen to the so called T B Joshua? Those he preach soundly, he ends up wit visions and prophecy of doom that he cannot avert. Was it like that with the prophets of old? Test their fruits with the bible and see if they are not truely demonic. There are so many of them around, even close to you. Get an intimate relationship wit God, them you will never be deceived by fake pastors. Shalom.

  32. When Christ came to the world he was criticized and killed ,TB Joshua is being criticized same way. I urge his critics to go get same purported evil powers and start doing good & heal people .People should stop being jealous

  33. Hmmmmm, Its seem that those pastor whom proclaimed that they are truly men of God, they are just look for members because when going into business like this, they started from the grass root, as their congregation is increasing by then they preached very well. But they haven’t performed any miracle when their fellow pastor have done . That is why they goes to the great habilist to seek for power but power rules. Church of these days are facing challenges and Christian are looking for easy way to solved their problem. Remember that the bible say that they will be a time when their will be a false prophets and pastors, and this is the time pastor claim that they hear direct from God that they are worthy to judge themselves and the world as a whole. My brethren becarful with the church u attend is not ……….

  34. Please if u don’t have something that will lift our spirit man of God, just search and crave 2 know God d more, The bible say if they are not against me the are 4 me,,,,,! U need 2 hv a rethink, who has make u a judge ova any man or is ur work 2 remove d weed wen d Lord of d harvest have nt done that!