Woman Fined N4000 For Disturbing Neighbours With Loud Music

A woman who kept her neighbour awake by having her television on at top volume has been fined Dh100 (N4312) for creating a public nuisance.

Her 41-year-old Russian neighbour complained to the building’s management and Dubai Police that she could not sleep because of the loud music coming from her 27-year-old Algerian neighbour’s apartment.


The incident happened on the 27th floor of a tower block on Shaikh Zayed Road on March 1.

The Algerian woman however pleaded not guilty, saying she had switched off the television and left her house before the incident happened.

The Russian complainant said: “I moved into the building on February 12. She constantly left the sound of music at a very loud and disturbing volume. The loud volume became very disturbing to me and my roommate. Several times F.Q.(the Algerian) put the television on music channels, turned the volume loud and left her flat. I repeatedly asked her in a very friendly manner to reduce the volume…but every time she became angry and asked me not to discuss the issue with her.

“I complained to the management several times but to no avail. However around 4.30am on March 1 the volume was very loud and unbearable. Then I decided to call the police because I couldn’t sleep for several nights. The police came and knocked on the woman’s door for nearly 30 minutes but no one answered the door.”

Prosecution records said police ordered the building watchman to disconnect the power to stop the music.

Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan Al Tamim, Dubai Police Chief, warned on Tuesday that motorists and bikers would have their vehicles permanently confiscated if they played loud music in residential areas.