5 Ways To Turn Your Failure Into A Profitable Lesson

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Oh, how many times and ways have I “failed,” let me count the ways. Failure is definite. You will experience what you deem to be “failure” at some point in life and it will SUCK! The good news is failure, or the perception of failing, is not constant. It is a fleeting moment, which, once recognized, can serve a spring board to your next success and break through.

Here are Five Ways to Turn Failure into Success:

1) Own Your Feelings:

So you failed an exam, you were passed up for a promotion or the business you started has folded due to the recession. No matter the act or actions that caused the failure, it is important to recognize these feelings, what led to this outcome and own it all. Bask in the feelings of inadequacy, cry out loud, call your therapist, heck, call your mother! But do not dismiss this feeling of failure. You will come to realize you never want to feel this again and it can serve as motivation to do better, learn more, take more risks and try harder on future endeavors.

2) Learn the Lesson:

Nobody knows everything. Unfortunately, I learn from my mistakes and what I did wrong more than I learn from “doing things right” the first time. Ask me if I will ever interrupt a Judge while they are speaking again. NOPE! Learned that lesson, paid that price.

3) Understand Failure, and the feeling of Failure, are temporary:

The feeling of being let down, or letting others down is temporary. Failure is temporary. Getting back up and trying again is constant because you have to do it over and over again after each perceived failure.

4) Develop Alternate Means to “Success”:

I have “failed” in relationships, both personal and professional, numerous times. After the end of each relationship, I realized they all pushed me to desire for more and to require better. A failed endeavor is not a final say. I have tweaked expectations and my own actions to get to what I deem successful today, as an older and wiser woman.

5) Share the Lesson:

Each one, teach one. I have a dear friend who, despite the glow the God all up and through her business, constantly shares with me her struggles. The lack of funding, the quieting of nay- sayers, the lack of resources and how she has wanted to quit so many times. From the outside looking in, I would have never known that. Knowing what she has been through and how, despite the small failures, she continues to persevere helps me on my entrepreneurial journeys. She shares her “failures” to teach me the beauty of keeping it moving and not giving up.


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