[Advice Needed] I brought shame to my parents, I want to run away! Help me!

Dear Tee,

I would like to remain anonymous. I wrote my SSCE examination this year, last month precisely. In January, my boyfriend in school slept with me. We were both in the boarding school then. I never knew I was pregnant until I didn’t see my period in April and May. The problem is I don’t know where my boyfriend lives, we said bye to each other after our examinations. Of course, He told m then that his parents are based in Kano, while I reside in Kwara. I am thinking of running away because I have let my parents down with this situation, I don’t even know how to confront them.

I am sorry that you are in this situation. However, running away isn’t the solution. Calm down! I think you should get someone, an elderly person that is very close to your parents, say a family friend and tell that person. He / she would know how best to break the news to your parents. They would be upset at first, but they would relax with time. Don’t run away and don’t abort either!

Take care,

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  1. See girl u dnt hve to run away, all u nid to do is to see an elderly person in ur family to help u present d matter to ur parent. I knw they will be angry at u, but believe me nothing they wil do to u cuz ur mother would even aCcept d case weller nd understand…..