Anti-graft Agency Uncovers Silver Cooker, Three Silver Spittoons In Indian Engineer’s House

Bars of 1000 gram silver are seen in this picture illustration at a precious metal refinery in Istanbul

Officials of an investigative unit were left baffled when they found a silver pressure cooker during a raid on an official’s residence in the east Indian state of Bihar, television channel CNN-IBN has reported.

It reported on Saturday the Economic Offences Unit (EOU) team of the Bihar Police were conducting a raid on Awadhesh Kumar Mandal, an executive engineer in the town Muzaffarpur, when they made the curious discovery.

“It surprised us all that a silver pressure cooker was recovered. It was brought to the court as evidence,” the channel’s website quoted a team official as saying.

“He was merely an engineer, but he lived like a king. Not only was his pressure cooker a silver one, he also had three silver spittoons,” another official said.

“We detected 25 bank accounts and investment documents worth crores of rupees,” the official said.

The raid was part of a set of investigations into residences and offices of Mandal and two other state government officials.

IBNLIVE said the EOU found assets worth nearly $10 million which is highly disproportionate to the known sources of income of the three officials.