Buhari Is A Far Better Leader Than Jonathan, Says David West

buhari-gejFormer Petroleum Minister, Professor Tam David-West, has declared that former Head of State, General Muhammad Buhari (rtd), has better qualities than President Goodluck Jonathan, who he accused of lacking in leadership skills.

David-West, who said his affinity with the President as his Ijaw kinsman, would not deter him from criticising the present administration which he blamed for failing to turn around the fortunes of the country and overt lack of focus.

Speaking as a guest on a live monthly interactive radio programme of the Osun State Broadcasting Corporation (OSBC) tagged “Guest of the Month”, the former minister insisted that he would not support Jonathan for sentimental reasons, stressing that “I only support people who have good qualities and not people who lack good qualities. President Jonathan lacks the qualities of a good leader and that is why I always criticise him.”

He added: “If my father were to contest for an election with General Buhari, I would tell him not to waste his time and I would not support him. I would prefer Buhari to my father. So, I prefer Buhari to Jonathan, the same way I prefer the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo to Buhari and any other present political leader in the country.”

“There is no way any individual can compare Jonathan with Buhari. They are two different individuals with different ideologies and beliefs. Buhari is one leader that is discipline and highly responsible. He is a faithful person and a down to earth man to the core. He believes in fairness and equity. So, Buhari is far better than Jonathan,” he added.

Commenting on the continuous unity of the country, David-West said “Nigeria cannot break.  The country will remain as one indivisible entity. We can have differences which are often caused by Politicians, but the fact still remains that Nigeria will remain together as one.”   He noted that “some selfish politicians are those behind the division of the country, but they will fail as this nation will remain united. The amalgamation of the north and south was to ensure administrative convenience, so the country will remain one.”