MUST READ: President Jonathan’s Promise To Nigerians

President Goodluck Jonathan has promised to leave a legacy of proud and prosperous Nigerians at the end of his tenure.


He vowed to continue to work hard in order to create a brighter and enduring future for all Nigerians.

Jonathan made the commitment in the 320-page book, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan: Champion for Women, edited by the Minister of Petroleum Resources, Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke.

The book presentation took place on Wednesday as part of the present administration’s mid-term report.

Jonathan said, “We shall continue to do all that we can to create a brighter and enduring future for all Nigerians-a future of hope and prosperity; a future where we can be a strong and developed nation, a shining example for a mighty continent. We hope to leave a legacy of proud and prosperous citizens where everyone is treated equally and women are able to reach their full potential in all aspects of human development.”

Jonathan, who said it was his ambition to continue to work towards the sustained growth of the country’s economy, promised that under his leadership, Nigeria would not just be a land of great potential but also a nation where positive changes transform the lives of the people.

Jonathan said making sure women take their rightful place in Nigeria’s government was only the beginning and a vital step that would pave the way for a host of other critical measures his administration was implementing to improve the lives and opportunities of women.

He attributed his decision to entrust women with the responsibilities of high office to the exceptional zeal displayed by his mother, Eunice.

He said, “My admiration for the ability of women to thrive in challenging and adverse environment is drawn directly from watching my mother’s strength when I was growing up.

“She was indeed a true ‘multi-tasker,’ watching her manage the various tasks involved in bringing up my elder sister and I imbibed in me a healthy respect for the ability of women to take control in difficult circumstances.

“This contributed to my decision to entrust the women in my government with the responsibilities of high office.

“My decision to empower women has paid off handsomely as is evident in the performance of these women in their various sectors.”

The President added that he did not take up smoking due to the admonition of his mother.

Vice President Namadi Sambo, in the book’s preface, said the present administration had revolutionised governance in the country.


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  • Mr Presidor did not take up to smoking due to admonition of his mother, but took up driniking to the extent dat he can drink 10th of bottles a day..may b d mother care less about her son’s sense of humour and state of sanity data why she hate segret but love bear……wat a lame example from d presidor, go on my clueless DR presidor..

  • It is only in nigeria dat people in govt wil b writing a useless book while in govt. Nd again it is only jonathan nd his mumu vice dat said dey hv transformed nigeria mad people

  • @ sam if you settle down and read those so called useless books you will find out you will notice you thinking change

  • Thank God for the kind of president that we have. A president have the people at heart. A president who work towards the sustained growth of the country’s economy.also thumbs up for the fact that he did not forget where he came from.

  • I feel puting women in power will be a good move,because I feel women have more guts than men, don’t you think so?

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