My Refusal To Share State Resources Has Pitched Me Against Some Elites In Nasarawa, Says Al-Makura

Tanko-Al-MakuraGovernor of Nasarawa State, Alhaji Umaru Tanko Al’Makura has alleged that his refusal to share the state’s revenue to some of the elites in the state as was purportedly being done in the past, has pitched him against them in the past two years.

The governor, who was elected on the platform of the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), in an exclusive interview with a national daily, said on assumption of office, he introduced a high level of fiscal discipline in the management of the state’s resources which allegedly unsettled some of the elites.

In his words: “Good values, ethical re-orientation, discipline and prudence in the management of the resources of the people of Nasarawa State are some of the reasons why I am having problems with some of the elite. Some of them want Nasarawa’s money shared at the expense of the people who are forgotten, abandoned and wallowing in hunger, poverty and deprivation. I am their servant and I will serve them.”

Al-Makura also expressed bitterness over the negative roles allegedly played by some members of the Eggon tribe before, during and after the recent killing of 79 security agents by Ombatse cult members based in their domain.

He rubbished allegations of political marginalization of the Eggons in Nasarawa politics by his administration saying, “It is rather unfortunate that Nasarawa State has been in the news lately for the killing of policemen and security operatives by a cult group, even after being generous to Eggon folks with key political offices.

“If any tribe should be at the fore of making spurious claims, the Eggons should be the last to do same. I remember while assuming office, swearing with the holy Qur’an to discharge my duties without fear or favour and discrimination, not even to people from other political parties, as I am duty bound to deliver good governance to everyone. Hence, for anybody to level such an allegation, it is rather unkind. Whatever crisis took place, I always insisted on going there myself sometimes even against security advice,” said the governor.


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