Saudi Siblings Killed In Auto Crash While Driving Dead Mother To Funeral Home

It’s one tragedy after the other for a Saudi family, after two siblings died hours after their mother passed away. The brother and sister were killed when the car in which they were transporting the dead body of their deceased mother overturned.

The siblings, alongside two relatives, were taking their mother’s body to a dedicated centre for the pre-burial rituals of ghusl (washing) and kafan (shrouding) when the driver, attempting to avoid a stray animal on the road, caused the fatal rollover, Saudi news site Sabq reported on Monday.

The driver and three passengers were taken to the local hospital in Tathleeth, a town in Aseer province in southwestern Saudi Arabia. The news site said that the driver and his sister died and one of the passengers was in critical condition.

A road in Tathleeth
A road in Tathleeth

The accident drew parallels to another tragic incident in March, when a bride on her way to her wedding reception and six members of her family were killed in a car accident. Their car collided with a trailer on the highway between Hafr Al Baten and Dammam, the largest city in eastern Saudi Arabia. The victims were four women, two men and one girl.

Road accidents are numerous in Gulf States despite good roads. Accidents have been attributed to the massive presence of trucks and trailers, and a tendency by all drivers to drive at very high speed. An Emirati driver last year blamed accidents on ‘too good roads’ which he said encouraged speeding.