Tonto Dikeh May Go To Jail For Smoking Indian Hemp; She Cries That People Hate Her


The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA has reacted to the photos of Indian Hemp posted by Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh, on the social media, boasting that “I smoke ganja”.
Disclosing that Tonto Dikeh may spend the next 15 years in prison for daring to smoke Igbo and expose it, the NDLEA spokesman, Mitchell Ofoyeju said:

“Our attention has been drawn to the post quite frankly and I can tell you that action will be taken on it. The law is clear and NDLEA has been very clear on the issue. No one is permitted to sell, use, cultivate or encourage the use of Indian hemp in Nigeria. The weed is one of the banned narcotics in the country.”

To had on Friday posted photographs of a wrap of hemp and grains of the weed formed into the letters, ‘Happy birthday POKO.’

She also posted a photograph of herself and added the inscription, ‘Mi smoke ganja mi smoke weed…’ Her picture was also close-up of her face that seemed to depict her in a high state.

Mr. Mitchell Ofoyeju further stated that Tonto Dike’s case have already been referred to the appropriate department of the agency for investigation and prosecution.

“NDLEA Act Section 14 (b) states that any person who conspires with, aids, abets, counsels, attempts to commit or is an accessory to any act or offence referred to in this act shall be guilty of an offence under this act and liable on conviction to be sentenced to imprisonment for a term not less than 15 years and not exceeding 25 years,” he said.

Possibly reacting to the criticism she has attracted to herself, Tonto Dike wrote on Instagram:

“no 1 kwz my struggle, al they see is Tonto diz, Tonto dat!!!! nt kwin hw hard it hurt deep down to loose ur mom at d age of 3, n it hurt d most nt to hav her enjoy d fruit of her child birth, Mom i missed u alot #POKO”



  1. I want to react to what she said is the reason for her misconduct. That does not hold any waters. Losing her mother does not in any way give her effontery to smoke indian hemp let alone making it known. We have orphans that behave well in the society. Anyways, I pray you find mercy sha.

    • Her reaction to the allegation is just silly. Is she saying that her mother’s demise is the reason why she took weed (if she isnt a regular user). Let’s put sentiments aside, if the law states that she is wrong then she is.

    • I agree with what you have said but still it doesn’t hold water for NDLA to start shouting as if she has murdered a person.

      pictures and comment of her smoking hemp doesn’t prove she smokes, its not enough for NDLA to start announcing as if they have caught a big time dealer. They should leave the girl alone and do their job by controlling the flow and supply of narcotic. Users fine is 500 naira its a bail able offence so this is no big news. Sellers and suppliers should be their prior targets not the users. She should get a f**king LAWYER joor.

  2. Tonto Dike is going mad and loosing her sanity. And loosing ur mother a tender age should make u very remorse and careful about life and a licence to celebrating madness. I lost mine at very tender age too and I’m a man nw, a real man ok not drug pushers. Tonto pls I beg, change 4 goodness sake, u keep breaking my hrt with ur misconduct n ill behavior. God has blessed u with a gift of talent and beauty, why do u want to destroy urself? Change!

  3. Tonto Dike is going mad and loosing her sanity. And loosing ur mother a tender age should make u very remorse and careful about life and a licence to celebrating madness. I lost mine at very tender age too and I’m a man nw, a real man ok not drug pushers.
    Tonto pls I beg u, change 4 goodness sake, u keep breaking my hrt with ur misconduct n ill behaviors. God has blessed u with a gift of talent and beauty, why do u want to destroy urself? Change!

  4. I support d motion dat she should face trials at d law court for juvenile exuberance and misconducts. Na only ur mama die for 3yrs? wat abt dos 1 wey die in labour? Dey supose carry terry G self cos I get lot of im pix wey e dey smoke weed. Dis yeye people no dey help our comunity…dey only know way to dia throat n pocket.

    • The damages your politicians dey cause no pass this one? Smoking of hemp its ones personal habit you don’t have to hate those that smoke hemp? I don’t smoke it but she made a mistake by showing it in the social media that’s just what made her stupid because this is what most politicians and professionals do but not in public awareness stuff, for me its not an issue we should shout or abuse people for. Its a common practice in the whole world now she just fell a victim for being a celebrity that’s all.

  5. You cant try som! for pictures, there are many dried things that look like egbo…it could even be photoshop or her just trying to create more controversies.. Abeg joor..this cannot hold in court.

  6. Dat is why many pple ar lack of wisedom dey dnt knw wat god hav plan 4 dem tonto dicke u ar a gal with passion bt i dnt knw why u jus chose to destroy ur future u ar stil a young gal bt nw u ar going to spend 15 years in prison oh my god let the demon in u run out in jesus name amen best of lock in jail

  7. Tonto won’t scoop so low like that,if she even smoke Ganja which i still don’t accept,why would she make it known to the public?that pix could be photoshop but let NDLEA still do their findings.

  8. just becus she post a pics u guys are troyin stones at her as if u are not the worst,,,,,wat abt those taut dat smoke it along the road? who and wen has the DRUG LAW AGENCY ever sentence one? or will they tell me that they tu dont see them or even smoke it? pls this is not the way to solve the curruptible practice in this country ok,,,u guys shld be plain and let her be

    • Yes because the fools knowns that she have money that why then won’t to arriest her fuck them what abut does fuck guys fucking along the street them can not ariest them because then known that when u arriest them there are going to die in that jail no me to bell them from there

  9. Foolish NDLEA… guys should go and arrest the dealers and not Tonto, did u confirm if the wrap was indian hemp??? she might be joking and also can wrap anything and claim is hemp. wake up foolish NDLEA.

    • Kai. NDLEA pple dey. Karry drug live una no fit catch dem na star actress wey just dey freestyle her own tin u dey see 4 facebook. Jobless drug fighter. Go street nd arrest big don baron dealers not Tonto wey just dey enjoy herself.

  10. Even if she smokes the marijuana or not, why should she post such a picture? She often forget that she is a model to a lot of the teaming youth. In a lawful state, that is not to be taken for granted.

    • na only foolish mumu go dey use human being like him/her self as role model. na which kind lesson una dey learn 4rm her life sef? Na cigarette smoking, nudity display, drunkeness, stupid habit abi wetin? Anybody supporting/falling in her love needs to be checked mentally. I think d gal needs 2 be sent to a re juvenile/rehabilitation center.

    • Why in the world would anyone make her a ‘role model’? People dont understand what it means to be a role model. Someone who pastes pictures of ‘pretend’ or ‘real’ weed online is unworthy of being a model of any sort.

  11. The NDLEA should do proper investigation very well before their action, because I see no reason why she will intentionally post those pics to facebook when she knows the implication of it, besides she’s a star, how can she does such things.

    • Adam,
      You have a point but I dont totally agree.
      1. She might have posted it under the influence.
      2. Is she really a ‘star’?
      3. Does she understand the implication and proper conduct of a ‘star’?

      Most Nigerian celebrities do not understand proper behaviour and etiquette. This affects them greatly and this is a good example. Even if your chance upon the ‘celebrity’ status, you must develop not just your acting skills but also your personal live skills. Or employ a publicist at least!!!!!!

  12. Abeg make una park well joor. Una no get job 2 do NDLEA.drug barons dey push drugs into dis country every day via our national boudaries. Ur here threatenin dis gurl for a pix she posted online. Una don finish 2 arrest niggies for street finish wey dey abuse am every where? If una won start una arrest online make una tell me.mak I start 2 post my own. Una for fine me pass anini. I knw her rivals most hav paid dia ndlea boss 2 nail her. D day u prosecute her. I will let ur men in onne knw how it feels 2 go 2 work without returnin back 2 meet dia families. Am a federal government pikin like u. I love ur recent job but mak una free dat girl jare. Tonto dike no mind jealousy people. We go protest for u

  13. I don’t tink its fair treating our nigerian actress in such a manner 2 discourage d upcoming ones,pls NDLEA try and investigate dis account and moreover she can deny dis accusation and sue u 2 court 4…….u know wat i mean!!!

  14. Tonto dike is a big disgrace to nigerian women,she is too corrupt and arrogant.does she not have a single shame.
    Are u not thinking about living a good life and getting married.than drinking,smoking and exposing ur body in public.if u are not ashamed of yourself.i am ashamed to be your fan cos you are 2 corrupt

  15. Ndlea or what so ever you guys call una self
    may God in heaven strike you all dead
    If your boss been chasing her for a long time & my Tonto refuse,
    is tha why he wanna use
    Jail to scare her
    whoops to you & dirty jail
    you tink my angel will enter

    let me tell you one thing you don’t know,
    na we all be 9ja
    not even
    Mr President can send her to jail
    why because he see photo shop hand work in her instergram,

    You force agent witchcraft that goes around looking for her pic don’t tell me
    is not her naked pic you’re searching for *ASHAWO*

    na my paddy best of the same feather,
    don’t worry just give me a time
    am coming with my bomb like fela naija go hear’m

    ur boi ICEDOVE

  16. I swear if una try’m for my side
    you go suffer pass *SILIPASS*


    but pls try hood this theif’s you put @top ooh
    cuz all this newz l read now done make me vex
    Title: No Stopping
    Artiste: ICEDOVE

  17. Are you the first to lose your Mum at 3? some lost theirs as they where coming to this world in the Labour room and others lost both parents at a very tender age. So your excuse does not hold water except you are telling the whole world that you are such a weak at heart.

  18. abeg i knee down dey NDLEA pls dis is nt tym 4 dis issues,we ve a critical security issues rockin d entire naija,instd of u guys 2 join hands 2gether wit our military operatives 2 fishout Boko Haram u guys re here chasin shadow,abeg liv d little poor orphan dat is tryin 2 mk ends met alone! Abeg live her

  19. she said she lost her mum at 3. It depends unda wat circumstances she did. Oh yes , she is a star. Bt do u kw wat her past luks lyk. Do u kw wat led 2 her smokn do u kw d kind of enviroment she grew up in ? Lets ask dis qstns and wen u answer them all, u wil kw hw 2 criticize her, Tonto cn be a lot of tinz. Bt she’ vry hard 2 b undastood. There’s a diff bw nt known ua mum at al nd ua mum died in ua presence. And pls we re human we al av flaws xo wen u pointn1 finger at sm1else 4 ar pointn bak at u. U re sayn al dis cos she is a star. And tonto u try live up 2 expectatn there pple lukn up 2 u.

  20. i dont believe in dis, d facebook profile might not be her own because i dnt know why she will post such a pix when she knw d implication of it,just try and investigate very well there are many people smoking on street so why tonto dikeh? Is it because of her popularity? Its unfair

  21. fuc’tup country ,,haters gonna die ..i ain’t smoke at’cha but she needs freedom to live real. Idol haters ,talk about a lot of shitz goin wrong in aso rock and some taboos displayed by these crazy politicians ,u r here running mouth wit a girl who smokes wit her own money :while ur rulaz smoke 4rm ur pockets and resources.

  22. please free the girl abeg! what kind of prosecution is that? who can test the content of the pic to actually ascertain what the substance really was? hmmm! crime fighters indeed. you have seen all these bastards defiling young girls in the Senate. rogues stealing the national treasure and you guys could do nothing about. its this young girl still exuberant that you’d want to show your muscles on. get a life all you.

  23. Have you all asked your selves if NDLEA said what you read above. The law is too big to start conducting personal down-fail, if she must be arrested for what she wrote and post then we are not following the law. As we all know, someone else could hack into her account or pretend to be her. Lets wake up, I’m siding the agency.

  24. some of you pipol are so heartless,,y cant you for once just be a lil bit sympathetic here,,,who are we to condemn and judge each other??oh !!pls,,have a heart,,no one is perfect,,so stop pointing fingers,,

  25. y shld Tonto Dike make noise to be noticed. Even b4 she got into acting in 03, we had d likes of Regina Askia, Kate Henshaw, Dakore Egbuson, Genevieve Nnaji, Uche Jombo etc. Just to mention but a few. Which one of our oldest actress gave Herself such a bad name. We knw most of dem smoked whateva dey do but neva made it public. So what is wrong wit Her(Tonto)? She shld face d LAW. He who brings home antifested Faggots invite Lizards 4 a FEAST. She shld dance to d tone of d MUSIC

  26. Tonto is very stupid for smoking indian hemb claiming it was becoz she lost hr mother.she should b prosecuted.she thinks as a celebrity,is above d law thereby smoking hemb nd having d gut 2 publish it.she should face d a motherless child,it’s her responsibility to live a gud lyf so dat others will emulate frm her

  27. Why Can’t U So Called NDLEA Enter D Street First And Arrest All Those Area Boys Dat Smoke Indian Hemp In Public Places If U Really Want Nigeria 2 Believ Dat U Guys Are Doing Good.Show Example With Those People We Knw As D Main Indian Hemp Smokers, People Like TerryG,and Those Area Boys

  28. I Knw Dat Tonto Dk Is Wrong By Touching It But Why Can’t U So Called NDLEA Enter D Street First And Arrest All Those Area Boys Dat Smoke Indian Hemp In Public Places If U Really Want Nigeria 2 Believ Dat U Guys Are Doing Good Job.Show Example With Those People We Knw As D Main Indian Hemp Smokers, People Like TerryG,and Those Area Boys

  29. plz u guys should forgive her in the name of GOD, is the work of devil,but tonto plz change if really u smock Indian hemp, plz don’t do it again is not good for ur height plz i beg of u, i love u if the world do not love u i and GOD and the angels in Haven loves u,and my dear people of Nigeria hate not ur following human being for GOD said love ur neighbor as u love ur self plz dears love tonto and forgive her for she do not no what she is doing.i beg u guys in the name of GOD the father and may GOD bless u all if u forgive her i love u all .

  30. disadpointed @ Tonto instead of focusing on hving beter days she is there swiming in d ocean of self pity. face reality baby thats too many years ago. f**k it! move on wit life as adults were responsible for every single action we make. now na ha mama den dey arrest abi na ha? she has idenified a weakness is IGBO ha pyschologist NIGERIANS GROW UP ABEG !

  31. She is simply an actress, and always on stage.
    Wherever she is, the game of acting is simply on, making a hit from fake life. That is stage life for you.
    You don’t persecute people for hear say. You can equally persecute people that are smoking ganja on movies, or better still peeole that do kill on movies too.
    Stage life, fake life.

  32. Pls leave Tonto Dike alone. Is it becos she is a star? How many pple d law has been able to arrest. Ther are a lot of pple out ther smoking ganja and doing all sort of nonsence but d law did nothing about them. I guess ther is a fowl play here. Am not trying to support Tonto Dike but i percive that she is innocent. Let her be.

  33. i think u people should do justice.and think about those that hav been sentence to prison because of such crime..rember there’s God,if u did justice he will reward u..dnt allow them to trick u with money.