What Should Be The Age Difference Between Married Couples?

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    And the rib, which the LORD God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man – Genesis 2:22

ok so i am here again with another ideology that is obviously not conventional. But yes i want to talk about a recent discovery between the soul mates we marry and the Age difference we find between them.

We have like 3 different scenarios between the Ages found in Marriages

The Man is Older than the woman (10 years or 10 days)
The Woman is older than the Man (8 months or 4 years)
Or they are like age-mates (however you put it)

Here is the philosophy, every Man to be born is already set in heaven and God already removed their missing rib and their eve in heaven. Only that the man doesn’t even know from heaven because he has to discover here on earth.

So How long it takes God to push forth the Man and the woman determines the AGE difference between them here on earth. So for the Age-mates Couples, It means that God sent both of them almost at the same time to the world. (lol).

Well think about it, if there is like 5 years between you guys, It means that God sent one 5 years before the other into the world.

One idea would be to know how it feels before your Soul-mate entered the world. Were you balanced in life or not – say at Age 5 for the Man whose soul-mate is 1 at the time.

Ok…another fallacy in the house. but at least you get you get my point. So don’t use Age as a factor, find the time God sent her or him and that time is just right … nothing do you.