ACN, PDP Fight Dirty Over Tinubu’s Meddlesomeness In Ekiti Politics

ACN-PDP-480x300The Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Friday threw caution to the winds as they fought dirty calling each other names.

While the ACN labeled the PDP as a ruling party with a failed Presidency, the ruling party berated the ACN for parading deceitful hypocritical leaders, who pretend to be democrats.

The war of words between both parties was ignited by the ACN national leader, Senator Bola Tinubu’s intervention in the crisis rocking the Ekiti State chapter of the ACN where he asked Honourable Opeyemi Bamidele to forego his governorship ambition in favour of the incumbent governor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi.

In a statement issued on Friday by ACN spokesman, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, ACN asked PDP to mind its business and wondered why the ruling party “beset with its own crisis,” would dabble into what was “strictly the internal affairs of the ACN, an issue that had no bearing on governance at the national level” where the PDP had allegedly been fumbling.

It said the ACN leadership had no regrets for endorsing Governor Fayemi for a second term because he had performed well, adding that “a student who does well deserves promotion.”

“This is unlike the situation in the PDP where even a president, who has failed woefully, using his own lowered ‘marking scheme’, is being offered an automatic ticket! ACN rewards excellence, not indolence; and we have no apologies for this,” the party said, asking when Mr. Bamidele appointed the PDP as his defender.

ACN wondered why the PDP leadership had been gallivanting from one zone to another trying to reconcile its ever-warring members, if indeed the ruling party believed that other parties have no right to do the same.

“It seems, however, that what has irked the PDP is that where its own reconciliation efforts have failed woefully, because they were insincere, ACN’s have succeeded, due largely to the discipline in the party and the sincerity of its efforts. After all, we don’t go around suspending or destroying our best performers in the name of ‘reconciliation’,” it said.

ACN further advised the PDP’s Acting National Publicity Secretary, Tony Okeke, who recently mounted the saddle, to learn the elementary lessons of being a party spokesman which included not making comments unless there are compelling reasons to do so.

“We have noticed the enthusiasm of the new spokesman, which is good, especially since he wants to impress his masters so they can keep him on the job. But he needs tutelage and mentoring so that he can carry out his duties effectively.  So far, he has not availed himself creditably,” the party said.

But in his defence, the PDP spokesman, Okeke, last night, dismissed the ACN’s name calling and said it was in the party’s character to always impose its choice on the members.

“If they like, they can call us names. We want them to trade facts with us, not insults. Unlike them, we are not interested in trading insults. ACN is a hypocritical party of people who pretend to be democrats. We are just exposing their hypocrisy. We will continue to do so. You cannot be claiming to be democrats when you deny people their right to contest.

“We have no problem with the ACN leader endorsing a candidate but he has no right to ask another person not to contest.

“Over the years, their (ACN) method of selecting candidates has never been through democratic means but they pick candidates in a mansion in Ikoyi (Lagos). If there is no internal democracy in a political party, it is a danger to the polity. It is immaterial whether it is Ekiti or anywhere. It is their (ACN) tradition,” PDP said.


  1. Beware of the acn or any party whose ideals fit these.
    God wants to establish beyond human efforts, the inappropriateness of a party of people so associated with vile, bitterness and evil.
    God wants a glorious triumph of good over evil and is establishing it according to His word, stronger than human efforts.
    Why would a party of people be so filled with, associated with evil, vile, bitterness, killings/assassination, secret support of war, jihadism, desperate crave for power, false claims, cheating citizens of productive means and assets, abuse, destruction of young lives despite pre-knowledge of their status’…….it’s a long list.
    A party of people ‘constantly’, ‘continuously’ and ‘repeatedly’ involved in such things can never be trusted with the affairs of a nation and states they run are under a siege, deceived with cheap works.
    The absence of integrity, the constancy of their insincerity, their rule or ruin mentality, their anti-human and anti-love beliefs, their vile, bitter desperation for power plus taking lives, property and assets of good people all signal danger if entrusted with the nation’s affairs.
    Indeed, states they run can never truly experience peace, equity, prosperity and love….core ingredients of Nigeria’s success.
    Behold, their expiry time is near, for good will triumph over evil.
    Therefore Nigeria takes hold of honest, sincere leadership authoritatively without parleying evil.
    As God hath said… long as we keep doing what’s right and what’s good, their rule or ruin mentality will find them out.
    Light triumphs and darkness never comprehends it. And whoso touches people of light, touches fire.
    This is already playing out, for God is good, and is great.