[Advice Needed] I Have Issues With Love Making! What Should I Do?

Dear tee
I can’t make love to a lady for 3 minutes. Right now, I found it very difficult to ask a lady out. It is so embarrassing! Please, what should I do?

I think you should watch what you eat – too much of sugary things is bad for guys….. also, you should see a doctor, there are drugs that makes you last longer in bed. Aside drugs, there are ‘bedroom techniques’ that also make you last in bed. That aside, since you are not married, it’s of no use to go looking around for girls to have sex with… why don’t you hold on till you get married. Fine, it’s hard not to feel like having sex since you are already active, but then it’s still possible to practice abstinence if you make up your mind about it…. Remember, there are so many deadly diseases that are out there that one could get from pre-marital sex.
Wish you well.

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  1. i’m 22yrs, a student of dspz, i met a gail not quit long, we got to knw each other in the cause of rendering advice to her, from that tym we now became so close. I became intrested on her, when she past a night in my house but noting happened between us cos i’m not a type who is so much intrested on satisfying sexual urge, due to this cause i saw some thing which i admire so much, so i ask her out, then she told me she had a boy friend &he even called her in my presence. The problem is that i love her & she fell d same for me, but she having a boy friend is depriving me, i’m confused