Egypt Freezes Assets Of 14 Top Islamists

Hisham Barakat
Hisham Barakat

As Egypt’s public prosecutor probe ousted president Mohammed Morsi over charges levelled against him and other leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood by undisclosed person(s), the prosecutor has ordered the freezing of assets belonging to 14 top Islamists as part of an investigation into deadly violence, judicial sources say.

The order by Hisham Barakat affects nine Muslim Brotherhood leaders, including the group’s general guide Mohamed Badie, and five Islamists from other groups including ex-militant faction Gamaa Islamiya, the sources said.

The investigation relates to four incidents since the military’s ouster of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi on July 3, including clashes in Cairo last Monday in which 53 people died.

Despite the clampdown on the Islamists, members of the Muslim Brotherhood promise to maintain a peaceful protest as they call for all charges to be dropped and Morsi reinstated.