OSUNPOLY 19-Year-Old Girlfriend Baths Boyfriend With Hot Water On His Birthday

19-year-old female student of the Osun State Polytechnic, Iree, simply identified as Yetunde, is cooling off in the custody of the state Police command, Osogbo, for allegedly pouring hot water on her boyfriend, Niyi Adelana.

All because Niyi her boyfriend had invited other girls and failed to give her adequate attention during his birthday party.

Reports say Niyi celebrated his birthday last Saturday and had invited some of his friends mostly ladies to his birthday party, a situation that did not go down well with his girlfriend, Yetunde.

However, when the party ended, Niyi made attempts to pacify his lover (Yetunde) but the angry girl was furious and instead drenched him with a pot of boiled water.

The agonized boy screamed and this drew the attention of other students in the hostel to the scene.

The incident took another unfortunate dimension as Niyi’s ailing father; Pa Adelana who was receiving medical treatment in a hospital in Abeokuta, Ogun State reportedly gave up the ghost immediately he received the news that his son was bathed with hot water.

Police sources confirmed the story and say investigation is on.

When contacted, the Media Relations Officer of the institution, Mr. Tope Abiola said that the management could not do anything about the incident because it took place outside the campus of the institution .
He said:

“It’s very unfortunate and we sympathize with the victim and his parents.

“It’s a criminal act; the school does not have power over it. It all happened in Iree town, so, there is nothing the school can do about it.
“Notwithstanding, we urge the law enforcement agency to investigate the matter.”




    • U must be a mad fellow for this ur comment and God will punish u for that. For crying out loud has he married her so what’s her problem,she should be seriously dealt with.na this kind bastard girls go dey double date ooooo and she expect her guy not to invite female friends to his party. .Oloriburuku somebody

  1. Dis is not suprising but wonderful cos she didn’t kill him. Isn’t it wise enough to know de kind of people we date nd their mind set. Wen one choose to date a mad person wot do dat person expect. My guy sorry its one of de life experience

  2. this should be a lesson for some guys who doesn’t know the emotional state of their girl friend.their must have been a sign about this act for a very long time.emotional intelligent should be prioritise in any relationship so as to knw when to avoid danger.my guy sorry eh

  3. speechless!!!
    I see nothing that give the Guy joy for celebrating his birthday when it’s obvious and clear that his father is at the hospital suffering from sickness. I will be glad if this barbaric lady call herself Yetunde face right punishment.
    This will be a lesson to all jealousy ladies.

  4. i won’t blame the girl so much, cos i didn’t witness it only God knows if the guy cheats on her in her presence like me… but will only blame the girl for letting her anger take over her …Most guys turn to a person you never imagined after giving them a Space in your heart, especially when they know how much you love them